7-Day Slim Down Diet Review

The 7-Day Slim Down Diet was created by New York Times Best-Selling Author Alisa Bowman. The diet is based on the theory that the average human body is lacking vitamin D in a big way, which can be detrimental to weight loss. So, by re-introducing the vitamin into a participant’s everyday diet, the 7-Day Slim Down Diet says that weight loss, especially in the long-term, can and will be achieved.

Though designed to be a long-term solution, the diet is named “7-Day” as Bowman says a dramatic loss of weight is typically seen within the first week of using the diet. However, the diet plan is far longer than the initial week. In fact, it is separated into two phases. The first is of course the initial seven days, where participants follow set menus of 1400 calories and also take 1000 IU of vitamin D. After that, a four week phase follows where better overall habits are supposed to be learned.

In addition, exercise is recommended, though it is not mandatory. If exercise is incorporated, the 7-Day Slim Down Diet suggests outside exercise because the sunlight provides additional vitamin D to the skin of the human body.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the 7-Day Slim Down Diet?

Dieters on the 7-Day Slim Down Diet might in fact lose weight, and might even do so in the first seven days. However, there is not a lot to lead to the conclusion that the weight loss would come from the added vitamin D, as it would rather likely come as a result of dropping daily caloric intake down to 1400.

As for long-term weight loss, the results would all depend on the participant. Because the second phase does not call for any foods to be restricted, the tendency of many will be to use that as an excuse to overeat. However, overeating would likely erase any short-term weight loss that might have occurred as well as severely hamper the prospect of long-term weight loss success.

Is the 7-Day Slim Down Diet Easy to Follow?

The 7-Day Slim Down Diet is nicely laid out and easy to follow as far as the first week’s diet goes. However, once the first week is over and the second phase starts then there is a lot put on the participant. Nothing is really out of bounds food wise, so a participant must have a high level of willpower in order to continue on with any level of success.

There is also some mention of exercise, but very little guidance. The 7-Day Slim Down Diet does have some pictures of stretches, and things of that nature, but for the most part, a participant is on their own with exercise.


The 7-Day Slim Down Diet claims that true weight loss comes from an abundant supply of vitamin D but, think about that for a moment. If that were the case then anyone on a quality multi-vitamin would be able to get the same weight loss results as the diet and can simply save the $26 price of the book and apply it towards vitamin D supplements. In the end, the 7-Day Slim Down Diet is not a harmful book, but it will likely do very little to help participants achieve real, and sustaining, weight loss.

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