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The Abs Diet is based on 12 nutrient-rich foods (AKA Powerfoods) that provide all the things a body needs to thrive and still allow for massive weight loss. According to the Abs Diet, calorie counting is bad and leads to binge eating, which is why the recommended meal count per day is six while on the Abs Diet.

The number six is incorporated into the Abs Diet quite a bit. First, the goal of the Abs Diet is a six pack of abs. Also, the Abs Diet is a six week plan which calls for you to eat six times per day.

Dieters will have large meals supplemented with smaller snacks throughout the day. This is all spelled out for you and the key is that each meal must contain at least two of the 12 “Powerfoods” that the Abs Diet pushes. These will be foods such as beans, almonds, eggs and so forth. With six meals to look forward to each day, the idea is to keep dieters full so they stay true to the diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Abs Diet?

Like many other diets that are high in proteins, the Abs Diet usually has its most amount of success in regards to weight loss in the beginning of the diet. However, those who attempt to lose weight with the Abs Diet on a long-term basis are not usually as successful as those simply seeking a short-term weight loss solution.

Is the Abs Diet Easy to Follow?

The Abs Diet addresses the biggest thing that keeps many people from successfully completing a diet; cheating. Because there are six meals that must be eaten each day a dieter is far less likely to stray from the plan. Even though the diet is somewhat restrictive, they also address cravings by allowing a once per week “cheat meal” where it is perfectly acceptable for you to eat whatever you desire.

While not everyone can stick to the Abs Diet, it is one of the easier diets to follow. The biggest drawback is actually finding the time in a busy day to eat six meals. This is the one area where the diet likely loses a lot of participants.


The Abs Diet comes with a multitude of costs. First the actual guide book must be purchased for $25.99 and additional literature costing anywhere from $7.99 to $27.99 is also recommended. In addition, you have to pay for a monthly online membership which will cost you another $14.95 per month or a discounted $34.95 when paying for three months at a time.

The Abs Diet requires dieters to exercise as well. Only the combination of the exercise and the diet will guarantee the results promised, according to the company.

Exercise with the Abs Diet is expected six days per week with a lot of the emphasis on the core muscles in the body. The exercise regimen consists of three strength training workouts each week accompanied by two abs workouts and one cardiovascular workout.

The company states that the overall goal is a lean and mean six pack of abs for all. However, they are also careful to state that a six pack of abs is not in the cards for all and that some individuals will gain faster results than others.

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