Acai Berry Diet Review

acai-berry-dietThe Acai Berry Diet has gained a lot of steam ever since it was featured on the Oprah Show with Oprah herself touting that she has incorporated acai berries into her diet. While there is no one true Acai Berry Diet there are now a number of supplements that are sold in specialty stores and even local grocery stores in order to give participants their daily allowance of acai berry. Supplements can range from pills to drinks, but the benefits are typically the same.

Acai berry has been called one of the best foods in regards to antioxidants. The list of benefits with the berry that comes from Amazonian palm trees includes anti-aging, enhanced digestion, reduction of appetite, and even an enhanced metabolism.

All that is required of the Acai Berry Diet is to take your fill of the berry in some form on a daily basis. It is then said that your body will be adequately supported for weight loss and then ready for you to shed some unwanted weight.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Acai Berry Diet?

Weight loss on the Acai Berry Diet will depend on how you go about it. If you simply take your acai berry supplements daily and eat nothing but fast food then you can expect to lose no weight whatsoever or even gain a few pounds. If however, you choose to incorporate the Acai Berry Diet with a more traditional diet and exercise program then weight loss results will be far more likely.

Is the Acai Berry Diet Easy to Follow?

The actual Acai Berry Diet only means you are taking your daily supplements of the acai berry. So that part is easy, but what often isn’t talked about with the Acai Berry Diet is that it is simply one part of a long equation which includes proper nutrition and exercise. This is something you will have to approach on your own and if you are looking for an extremely well laid out diet program then the Acai Berry Diet isn’t going to be for you.


The Acai Berry Diet uses the name of Oprah and attempts to parlay it into selling you some supplements. This is for good reason as supplements can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 and more each month.

While the acai berry itself is a health conscious food, there are many other foods that you can buy at the store that will also benefit you in similar fashion. Many fruits and vegetables are antioxidant rich and you can incorporate them into your nutrition and diet plan without having to spend so much money to get them in supplement form.

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