Active Pk Review

Aktive Pk Review

There are an equal number of pros and cons when taking Active PK. There are not many cons that are major red flags, but it may interact with certain medications. The company offers a nice 90-day guarantee, so if you do not see results after 30+ days you can send it back no questions asked.


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Pros and Cons of ACTIVE PK

This is a simple pill, but it costs an arm and a leg for six bottles. Each bottle comes with a 30-day supply, so for 6 months it will cost over three hundred dollars. That may not be affordable for a large number of people which is why I am calling out my first con. A pro is the natural ingredient list, and how easy the product is to take with miner side effects aside from medication interference and possible stomach discomfort. Another con is that there is no word about healthy eating or exercise, so they are putting all of their weight loss hopes into a pill which could potentially let you down.

My final pro is their return policy which states, “LCR Health is proud to offer a 90-Day money back guarantee, Ironclad Guarantee on every single order of Active-PK. If for any reason this revolutionary formula does not meet your expectations, simply send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. You can even use the entire supply and simply send back the empty bottles.

The Bottom Line: There are an equal number of pros and cons when taking Active PK. There are not many cons that are major red flags, but it may interact with certain medications. The company offers a nice 90-day guarantee, so if you do not see results after 30+ days you can send it back.

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Active Pk is a dietary supplement manufactured by the company LCR Health and it contains three ingredients. AMPK is an enzyme in the body that communicates with the brain to stop storing fat, and turn it into energy instead, therefore the company named the supplement after this enzyme. They claim the three-ingredient supplement will give the consumer more energy, clearer thinking, a decrease in abdominal fat, and an overall stronger and healthier body. They offer buying the bottle of pills in one, three, or six quantity options. For one bottle it is $69.00, for three it is $186.30, and for six it is $330.15.

How Does ACTIVE PK Work?

In each capsule there are 650 mg of the three ingredients combined: Berberine, Quercetin, and Gynostemma. The company “recommends” the customer purchase three bottles just to start out with (ouch) and say the best bang for your buck is the six bottle option. For over three hundred dollars, let’s make sure this product is actually legitimate. Berberine is supposed to help with metabolism regulation, quercetin acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body, and gynostemma is a specific herb that aids in protection from heart disease and has other antioxidant properties.

In short, when taking this supplement they advise to take two capsules with a glass of water. You can have food, or take them on an empty stomach and it is supposed to have no side effects.

This is how it is marketed, but there are actually side effects to be aware of if you have pre-existing health conditions.

Other than just taking the capsules daily, and continuing to do so until you feel your goals have been achieved there is nothing more advised from the company as far as “how to” take them.

The Bottom Line: You will take to Active PK capsules with water. Feel free to take them with food, or if you are in a hurry you can ingest them with an empty stomach.


Even though the company markets that this supplement should have no side effects, there are some that will naturally occur in the body. Berberine is going to naturally reduce your blood sugar levels.

If you have type 2 diabetes this could be dangerous for you, so always talk first with your doctor before taking any of the Active PK capsules.

This ingredient has the power to decrease natural sugar processing in your liver as well as slow the breakdown of carbs in your stomach. Lastly, it can interfere with certain antibiotics like macrolide antibiotics, so it is extremely important to check it all out before taking any capsules.
Other minor side effects that have been noted are diarrhea, stomach cramps, and stomach discomfort pared with nausea. With all of that being said, it is a natural supplement with three ingredients that are commonly used in Chinese medicine. It can come along with side effects, but if you do your research and it all checks out you will be cleared most likely with no problems.

Final Verdict on ACTIVE PK

Overall, the people who have taken this supplement did see some results but there were also others who took advantage of the 90-day return policy because they saw no results. It really is an individualized supplement that could work (or not) depending on your body’s reaction to the herbs. While it’s not a major gamble to try it, the product is pretty expensive for what you are actually getting. LCR Health seems like an honest company with a solid return policy however, so it makes the gamble not as large in the long run. If you are on the fence about taking it because of a medication or health issue always run it by your doctor first before doing anything else.


*Individual results will vary.
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