Adiosa Fat Burning Diet Pills Review

Adiosa Fat Burning Pills Review


Affordable Price

Minimal to No Side Effects


Not Well Known

Lack Of Informative Reviews

Lack of Proven Science

There is an even number of pros and cons with this diet pill. The first thing to note is that this diet pill is not very popular or well known around the world, so the amount the reviews are weak and not informational. A pro is the cost of the pills, because they are affordable to almost everyone. A con is the lack of proven science behind the ingredients in the pills, and the lack of overall reviews present. Another pro is the lack of side effects that have been noted from the customers that have tried it out even with the wormwood herb ingredient that is present.

The Bottom Line: This product has a pro and con balance. With price being a pro, and lack of popularity being a con it is a wash.

Adiosa fat burning diet pills are a diet supplement that comes in a bottle with 120 pills per bottle. There is not a lot of information about the company that manufactures these pills, but they are sold on Amazon for $21.97 plus shipping. They are geared toward both men and women and said to be made with all-natural ingredients. I will dive into more of the ingredients later on in this review. There is a 100% money back guarantee with this product, but it will only go so far as there is no real information about it past the mention.


This pill is easy to take, and the instructions are simple. Take this pill once per day with water. There are no other instructions regarding this pill. It is said to be made with all-natural ingredients, therefore the side effects will be minimal which is a positive. There is also no word about proper diet or exercise with this diet pill, so it is hit and miss as to whether it will really be effective or not.

The ingredients are said to be all natural, and the product is supposed to give the customer more energy, a boost in their metabolism, fat loss, and appetite suppression. The all-natural ingredients are interesting to say the least, and they are not proven to actually help with weight loss.

The Bottom Line: You take 1 pill per day, and that is it. The ingredients I will list below.


The diet pill is overall “safe” but to an extent. The ingredient list is interesting, and unproven which does not make for a very confident purchase. There are no red flags in the ingredient list you will see below except for Wormwood herb. There are some small side effects that wormwood herb can have on your internal system, but not all are proven.

Ingredient list: Wormwood herb, corn stigmas, agrimonia eupatoria, juniper berries, chicory root, and fennel seeds.

The main appetite suppressor in this diet pill formula is agrimonia eupatoria, and it contains vitamins, oils, and fatty acids that are said to help with weight loss. “Agrimonia contains volatile oils, organic acids, mucilages, tannins, coumarins, vitamins (vitamin C and vitamin K), triterpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, polyglucides, and saponins.”

The Bottom Line: This product is overall safe, but it is unproven.


This product overall is mediocre, and it is correctly priced. There are no major red flags, and it is a different product that has interesting ingredients. In comparison to the other diet pills on the market today loaded with caffeine and garcinia cambogia, so this is what sets it apart from other diet pills on the market. There are not very many words out about the effectiveness of this diet pill overall, or the company that manufactures them.





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