AdvoCare Crave Check SR Review

AdvoCare Crave Check SR Review


Update: May 26, 2019

Crave Check SR is an herbal and vitamin dietary supplement produced by AdvoCare and sold on the “Trim” line of their company. They claim that this herbal supplement will help you lose weight and suppress your cravings better than any other pill out there, and that includes the pill of “exercise and eating right”.* Advocare International is mainly a marketing company, but they have gotten their feet wet in the diet and supplement world. The Crave Check SR caplets are meant to be slowly released into the blood stream so there are no sudden spikes or drops once taken orally. This is not a product that has to be taken with anything else to “work”, or so the company says. *It is encouraged that you purchase more AdvoCare products alongside of the Crave Check SR pills (naturally).

The Ingredients In The Crave Check SR Caplets:

Green Coffee Extract (fruit – Coffea canephora robusta P.), Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract, Banana Leaf Extract (Lagerstroemia speciosa), Vitamin D3, Microcrystalline, Cellulose, Carbomers, and Magnesium Strearate.

This product is for adults 18 years and older, and the caplets are meant to be taken twice a day. The first caplet is to be taken 30 minutes before breakfast and the second caplet taken 6 hours after (2 hours after lunch).*For one bottle of Crave Check SR (60 caplets) it costs $25.95 plus shipping and handling.

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Do Dieters Lose Weight With Crave Check SR?

There was a 30/60 split with people claiming to have lost weight with the help of Crave Check SR, as well as those who said it did absolutely nothing for their weight or cravings. This product has not been increasingly popular with the masses, and does not have many success stories in the grand scheme of what it claims to do. I would not put my trust in this product to control my appetite and cravings based off of the ingredients list and history of the product alone.

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Is Crave Check SR Easy To Follow?

This product is extremely easy to use at the end of the day, because it is not meant to be taken with any other supplements. You simply take 2 pills 6 hours apart and call it a day. On the website though it says that this product can be taken with MNS®, AdvoCare Core™, or as a stand-alone product. It is also said to work without proper diet or exercise (which I have a hard time believing). The product itself is not too expensive, but that doesn’t really surprise me due to the poor weight loss results and the cheap ingredients.

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The CraveCheck SR does not have anything outstanding about its makeup, or formulation that makes this product a must have weight loss solution. It is nearly $30.00 and it does not promise a money back guarantee or that you will actually lose weight and feel good in the process for that matter. This is just another smart marketing move by AdvoCare International, but I would not put any of your weight loss hopes into this product alone.

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  1. i tried this and it was the worst product. The pills/bottle smell, I got extreme bloating, stomach pains, nausea, not good at all. I would say I called Advocare and they are refusing the money and were interested in what happened to me. stay away from this product.

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