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Advocare is a multi-level marketing company that is in the business of recruiting people more so than selling their products.* The company was founded by Charlie Ragus, and has been in business since 1993. They are based out of Plano, TX and their address is: AdvoCare International, LP 2801 Summit Avenue Plano, TX 75074. Advocare has many different supplements and weight loss products, with 24 Day Challenge being one of the most popular on the market today.*

Their customer service line was rather quick to answer, which was a nice surprise as this is a huge company as mentioned. The number to reach their company and customer service line is: 1 (800) 542-4800. AdvoCare International scored an A with the Better Business Bureau, but many complaints were indeed with the products themselves. Click here to see the report.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The AdvoCare Diet?

Looking at the ingredients of their popular weight loss supplements, we see that it has diuretic qualities, which is why people can see quick weight loss, which will mainly be loss of the water weight.* There are so many different products associated with the Advocare line, that one simple statement of weight loss does not do the company justice. For example, with their Catalyst Diet Pills , the results have been less than stellar due to the fact that the customer has to take three pills before every meal (which is a lot) with no proven results long term. The 24 Day Challenge you can read about here, and the reviews are some good and some poor all the way across the board. All in all the company is a large entity, with more products than you will probably ever purchase if you are one of their customers.

On their main website they add in a science section, see it here. They give you a microscope that looks pretty on the website, along with a board of directors and their accomplishments. This tells me nothing about the actual “science” behind why their products help a person lose weight and get healthier. This is something that looks nice on the outside, but delivers poor quality and information to the customer on the inside.

Is The AdvoCare Diet Easy To Follow?

Instructions for the supplement use are very easy to follow, but they do come with a meal plan, which is not strict but leaves some unanswered questions about serving sizes, use of dressings and even artificial sweeteners. With that being said, it makes me think this company is just looking to sell supplements versus actual programs that help change people’s lives for the better.

The program advocates the use of energy drinks, which contain artificial sweeteners and chemical stimulants. These energy drinks are not regulated by the FDA, can potentially be dangerous, and should never be a part of a healthy eating plan.* Because there are so many moving parts with the AdvoCare supplements and products, it is hard to nail down this company as a “diet” itself. Their are supplements provided that make one go on a diet but the company as a whole is not a diet. As you can see above, there were many reviews done on their individual products such as Catalyst or the 24 Day Challenge, and the side effects and instructions that go along with. Some being easier to follow with little to no side effects, and others having more side effects than you would ever want alongside of being more difficult to follow.


With more and more customer testimonials popping up all over the internet reporting side effects such as severe gastric pains, dangerous sugar spikes, possible organ failure, and adverse medication interactions with some of their diet supplements, we are not sure this could be the best choice when it comes to losing and improving your health.*To make matters more difficult, you will always have to order either directly through a dealer (because they are a multi level marketing style company) or a third party website like Amazon. The website does more “tooting of their horn” than any company I have ever seen before, making it seem more credible and effective than it really is. AdvoCare as a whole has been around a long time, but the overall feel from the different programs they offer is most definitely under par compared to others on the market place.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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