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Amberen Weight Loss Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

Amberen Weight Loss Review
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Amberen Weight Loss is an oral supplement that is first and foremost, a dietary aid that is supposed to help women with menopause and the symptoms that come with it. The product is produced by Lunada Biomedical, and they are based out of Los Angeles, California. However, as the name implies, the supplement is also said to aid in weight loss for pounds that have crept on over the years, all without caffeine or stimulants. According to the makers of Amberen Weight Loss, it is their proprietary fiber called NovoSlim that is responsible for the weight loss aid.*

When the pills are taken, the fiber expands in the stomach, prompting users to eat less and lose weight as a result. To get in contact with the company is rather easy, and they were helpful on the phone for the most part. The number to contact a nurse is 800-211-8021, and they have a chat line as well you can utilize. As you can tell, this product is only for women as it is trying to balance out the symptoms from menopause. It is sold at major stores like GNC, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Wal-Mart. They have received a C+ with the Better Business Bureau, and overall, the customer complaints were more product related.

Is Amberen Weight Loss a Diet?

Amberen alone is not designed for weight loss. It was created to relieve menopause symptoms. The weight loss aspect was brought about by the addition of fiber. This can either make people feel full for longer, increase bowel movements, or just ugly bloat. Amberen Weight Loss is essentially a menopause supplement marketed as a weight loss supplement due to a pricey addition of fiber.

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Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Amberen Weight Loss Diet?

The Amberen Weight Loss supplement does contain fiber that will expand in the stomach, which does mean less food will be needed to be consumed in order to feel full. However, this will only lead to a certain amount of short-term weight loss due to calorie reduction. Unless proper diet and exercise are added, long-term weight loss will be much harder to achieve.* Additionally, weight loss will depend on the type of foods that are eaten. The fiber in the system will make it possible to eat less food and feel full, but if that food is lacking in the nutrition department and is high in calories, then there may be little to no weight loss realized.*

“All this did for me was make my intestines swell. I had terrible stomach pains and went to the doctor. My blood tests showed internal swelling. As soon as I stopped taking it, the pain and swelling ceased. I returned the other two packages.” Actrez*

The unknown name of this Amazon Customer* said, “They say that the msg in Amberen is different and won’t affect you if you are sensitive to msg. They are lying. I got bad headaches.There are some good points, but for the most part, it did not work well. Was more focused, but still did not sleep well, did not lose weight. Another thing – they send you 3 boxes, the first one is packaged individually, the other 2 are packaged together. If you open the 2nd/3rd boxed package, you cannot return it.” They went onto say that the first individual box worked well, but the second and third were practically useless. They still got headaches and felt they were ripped off, in the end, making this product not worth the money and the time in the end.

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Is The Amberen Weight Loss Diet Easy To Follow?

Amberen Weight Loss is orally taken each day for optimal results. The instructions are straightforward in that users simply take it 30-60 minutes before eating. This allows the fiber time to expand in the stomach. This means users can eat more and still feel full.

However, as with any other fiber supplement, Amberen Weight Loss will be most effective only if combined with proper nutrition and fitness. In those two departments, though, users are on their own, as there is no guidance given. So, those new to appropriate diet and exercise will only see so much in the way of results with Amberen Weight Loss. There have been many side effects noted with Amberen such as headaches, fatigue, and swelling. Because the pills contain MSG, there have been nasty side effects such as anaphylactic shock for those allergic to the substance. MSG is a very unhealthy substance in the first place, so this is a major red flag that this pill contains such ingredients.

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The makers of Amberen Weight Loss have a great product in the original Amberen, which only focuses on aiding women with menopause. However, Amberen Weight Loss is little more than the original product with a fiber supplement added. While there is nothing wrong with this if you are battling menopause and want to lose weight, for the vast majority of dieters, Amberen Weight Loss is not an effective weight loss solution.*

Add to that the fact that Amberen Weight Loss is expensive. A 10-day supply is $19.97 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling. At that price, you may be far better off going to your local grocery store and buying a powder fiber supplement that will do necessarily the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Many people reported that this supplement did not do anything for them at all, which makes this supplement very much a dud. Don’t hold your breath or waste your money on a supplement not scientifically proven or tested to help you lose weight.


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