Anne Collins Diet Review

Anne Collins Diet Review


Updated on Aug 08, 2019

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For more than 25 years Anne Collins has been helping people with their weight loss goals. This has led her to start her own website where participants can go and become members in order to learn more about the Anne Collins Diets. To date there are nine variations of the Anne Collins Diet and the right one for you will all depend on your own personal wants and needs.

All the Anne Collins Diets are ones that reduce caloric intake and each has a special way to go about eating foods on a daily basis. The nine Anne Collins Diets that exist today are the Low Glycemic Index Diet, the Low Carb Diet, the 14 Day Low Calorie Booster Diet, the Balanced Diet, the Cholesterol Lowering Diet, the Vegetarian Quick Start Diet, the Vegetarian for Life Diet, the 10 Minute Meals Diet, and the Diet for Life.

All diets are made available in eBook form and will vary in structure depending on what you get. For the most part, calories are restricted to close to 1,200 per day to start then gradually increase to about 2,000 per day after awhile.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Anne Collins Diet?

Weight loss with the Anne Collins Diet would greatly depend on which plan you choose and how closely you follow it. For example, a vegetarian diet that reduced your calories to near 1,200 per day would likely see you lose at least some weight. Another factor that would dictate the amount of weight loss would be exercise, which is only covered in a sketchy manner with all the Anne Collins Diets.

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Is the Anne Collins Diet Easy to Follow?

As far as variety goes the Anne Collins Diets have it, but that doesn’t mean the diets themselves are easy to follow. Because there is so much to choose from, those who are looking for a more structured diet plan will find the Anne Collins Diet hard to follow.

In addition, each diet will require different steps to be taken in order to work properly. Depending on which diet you select you may find it easy or hard to follow, which will end up coming down to a personal preference.

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The ideas behind the Anne Collins Diets are great, but the lack of structure is not a good thing. The website itself is somewhat cluttered and although it is only $20 per year to be a member you really aren’t getting anything groundbreaking for your money. Even Anne Collins herself admits that there is nothing new and innovative on her website, but she says you will find plenty of motivation. Still, if you are not on the right diet plan then you can have all the motivation in the world and it will do you little good.

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