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Apidren Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try?

Apidren Review
3.8 Total Score
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Apidren is a weight loss pill that promises a dramatic reduction in your waist size by just taking the supplement daily. It can be purchased on either Amazon, or the company’s main website and is not sold in any retail location. Advantage Nutraceuticals is the company that produces Apidren and they are located in Provo, Utah. For a 30 day supply of the product it will cost right around $50.00. This includes a 90 day money back guarantee for one bottle of Apidren used or unused.

Company Information: Advantage Nutraceuticals, LLC 4778 North 300 West
Suite 120 Provo, UT 84604 [1]

How Does Apidren Work?

This diet pill is supposed to help the dieter burn calories, boost their metabolism, control their appetite, and reduce binge eating altogether with thermogenesis. The company claims that the ingredients found in Apidren are clinically tested to help an individual lose weight and decrease their weight circumference. The instructions on the bottle are simply to take 1 capsule twice per day thirty minutes before breakfast and lunch. That is it, so there are no other confusing directions associated with taking Apidren.

There are no other instructions such as eating healthy or exercising, so you can guess they market this weight loss pill as a one and done solution. As many of you already know, this is not the most effective way to lose weight so actually keeping the weight off is going to be slim with this product.

The Bottom Line
This is a basic diet pill meant to be taken twice per day, and that is it. There is no push for cleaner eating or getting more exercise into your day.

Is Apidren Dangerous?

There are only two known ingredients given on the bottle of the Apidren product: Sphaeranthus Indicus & Garcinia Mangostana. [2] Both of these ingredients are based from plant derivitaves, but that does not mean they are all natural and come with no side effects. Those who have taken the risk and purchased this diet pill did not have positive things to say, and they experienced side effects along with little to no weight loss. The company also does not have a good reputation when it comes to honoring their 90 day money back guarantee either.

“The manufacturing company, NutriPharm LLC, has a terrible reputation with customers, as they have refused to honour their money back guarantee, used fake package tracking numbers, not sent out products, taken unauthorised payments from customers, and have unhelpful customer service reps who deliberately use stalling tactics in the hopes that customers will give up trying to get a refund. Whilst the company may have some satisfied customers, none have ever felt compelled to defend the company’s reputation online.” [3]

Some side effects noted were higher blood pressure, upset stomach, and headaches. Nothing was too extreme, but still present to note. So many people who ordered said the product literally did nothing for their weight loss goals, and advised not to waste your money or time with Apidren. [4]

The Bottom Line
I would not call the product “dangerous” by any means but it will come with side effects! You will also be dealing with the company’s poor customer service practices which in some people’s minds can be dangerous.

Pros and Cons of Apidren

I do not see any pros at all with the diet pill Apidren. Please see the list of cons below:

  • The high expense of just one bottle that leads to no results.
  • The dishonest business practices from the company regarding shipping, and refunds.
  • The side effects that come alongside of the product.
  • The poor Better Business Bureau rating


Overall, the Apidren product is not one I would invest in. Among many reasons, poor customer experience is a deal breaker. The cons out weight the pros tenfold and there are more unhappy customers than happy customers. With bad customer service, an unreliable refund system, and side effects from taking the product this just seems like a recipe for disaster. If you are wanting to shed unwanted pounds off, Apidren is not going to be the diet pill for you or anyone for that matter.

3.8 Total Score
Apidren Scorecard

  • The high expense of just one bottle that leads to no results.
  • The dishonest business practices from the company regarding shipping, and refunds.
  • The side effects that come alongside of the product.
  • The poor Better Business Bureau rating
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