APiFAST Diet Review

APiFAST Diet Review
APiFAST Diet Review

Apifast is a diet pill created by the company Vitamart123, and the company is located out of New York. As most diet pills, this one claims that it will suppress your appetite, burn fat, and increase your energy levels.* Unfortunately, this diet pill is nothing better than any middle of the road diet pill on the market today, and is loaded with stimulants that are sure to give you side effects. When I was looking for Apifast’s main website to learn more and contact the company myself, there was nothing to be found. Not only does this make me weary of their business practices, but it is a surefire guarantee that there is no money back guarantee associated with this company and their products. The company Vitamart 123 is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, so they are totally incognito to the public eye at this point.

The Ingredients: 2-Phenylethylamine HCL, Caffeine, Hordenine Hydrochloride, Yohimbine Hydrochloride, and Synephrine Hydrochloride. While they provided an ingredient list, they do not provide the amounts of each ingredient in the pills, which is a huge red flag. Many users reported the potency to be weak, yet they were still getting side effects from the stimulants present. With white and blue speckled pills looking very pharmaceutical, you would think there to be real science details provided behind why Apifast’s formula is meant to help with weight loss, but sadly there is none.

diet pillsDo Dieters Lose Weight On APiFAST?

On Amazon the product markets to be clinically proven to help with weight loss, but there are absolutely no studies shown to the customer anywhere to back this large claim up.* Many people thought that the pill was not strong enough and that it was supposed to act as a brother to the diet pill Phentermine, but it didn’t do its job as it said it would. The company wants to make sure they get good outside reviews, therefore the minute you purchase a bottle of Aptifast you will be sure to receive a notice in the mail with your bottle telling you to give it five stars, so that you can get a free bottle in return. The company obviously does not trust in their formula enough for people to just give the product good reviews due to their success losing weight, so they bribe this way.

Danielle* said, “This is a scam. As soon as you get your bottle there is an insert saying to give it five stars so you can get a free bottle.” She then went onto say this is most likely why the reviews are good, and that the product does not work at all. She does not advise you waste your money like she did on Apifast.

 scam“Are these supposed to decrease your appetite? They don’t on me all they do to me is eat! Think my bottle is defective” said a disgruntled Ksshelton08*. He then went onto say this product is a waste of time and money and there was no getting the money back.

 “It sure isn’t prescription strength, don’t waste your money…” Luvinlife08*

 Susan MH* said,“I just ordered Apifast for the second time. I have never before purchased a product, of this nature, twice. I have taken Phentermine for most of my life. I love Phentermine and have not found it harmful to me personally, at least in ways that I would ever admit. Researching the ingredients of this product did not do much to impress me, as far as determining safety, etc.” Susan then went onto say that the product boosts her mental self-esteem, but that it was merely mental. Her thoughts and comments are merely her own, and are not meant to be professionally evaluated.

 Is APiFAST Easy To Follow?

It is a rather simple diet pill to take, but its effectiveness almost makes it a complete waste of time and money. As instructed you can take Apifast twice a day before breakfast and lunch, but you should not exceed that amount due to the stimulants present in the formula. Side effects noted have been mainly due to the caffeine present in the diet pills, which are racing hearts, light-headedness, and dizzy spells. There is a large stamp on the bottle saying 100% money-back guarantee, but there is no more information about that guarantee and who you would call to get a refund if you needed to. This is simply a diet pill at the end of the day with no real diet program to follow, so it is very simple when it is all said and done but that doesn’t mean it is going to be effective. A large majority of users said that Apifast just didn’t work for them at all, and the strength of the pill was hardly impressive.

heart problems side effectsConclusion

For one bottle of Apifast containing 60 capsules (30 day supply) you will be spending nearly $30.00 and that doesn’t include shipping. That is a steep price to pay for a diet pill that has mediocre results from a majority of the users. Due to Vitamart 123’s promotion when you purchase a bottle and review the company with 5 stars earning another free bottle, there are a lot of dishonest testimonials about Apifast’s actual effectiveness long term. Of course there are no social media sites linked to this company, there isn’t even a website or a number to call with questions or concerns. Overall, this is just another diet pill that flies the customer blind into spending money with little in return for the paying customer. With unimpressive reviews on the overall effectiveness of the diet pill’s only real job (weight loss and energy) it fails on many levels.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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*Individual results will vary.
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