Appethyl Review

Appethyl Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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Who is it for?
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Appethyl is a diet supplement meant to suppress your appetite, and has been making headways for quite some time now. But does it live up to what it says its going to do for your appetite and waistline? This supplement is not a meal powder, however, that can be misunderstood for a meal replacement shake. The formula is meant to be taken with your fattiest meal of the day, and is only meant to be taken once a day. The idea behind the powder is that it can slow down the digestion process.* There is also a capsule option, which can be easier for folks to take if they do not like the grainy texture the powder can give off.* For a one-month supply of Appethyl, you will pay no less than $60.00, which is rather expensive.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Appethyl?

This product only came onto the market in 2013, so it is still rather new to people. The gritty texture from the Thylakoids which comes from the spinach extract have been a deal breaker for some and can be too much to handle.* It was a 50/50 split on it working and not working for people. For those who said it worked, they said that it was nice that it cut down a small amount of their cravings but it did not totally eliminate them. The customers that said it did not work, saw no side effects either positive or negative at all. It did not work to eliminate cravings after the product was taken.

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Is Appethyl Easy To Follow?

This product is much easier than other products on the market, as it is only meant to be taken once daily. You have to take this product before your fattiest meal, and let it do its job with digestion. There are 30 servings per container, and it is most effective when taken with healthy fats. It will not be as effective if you take this product with a big mac and fries (for obvious reasons). The moment you stop taking the supplement, your cravings will go right back to where they were so it is not really a long term lifestyle change for weight loss.

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This product is overall a wash, as it has not been proven to help people lose weight and has no scientific backing. There were so many negatives to positives that this product is not very believable compared to products that have more positives versus negatives. It has been said to help reduce cravings, but the moment you stop taking the supplement they will come flooding in at an even more intense rate. For the price you are going to be paying, it is rather expensive to not be as convincing as you would like it to be. There have not been any nasty noted side effects which is one positive, as this can be a complete deal breaker for some. When looking at diets and diet products I always try to remind people that if it is a simple quick fix product you are better off throwing that cash into a trash can than spending on a product that is made out of untested ingredients and has no known studied long term effects. I would rather throw my money away than put something into my body that might help or might actually do the opposite. There are a lot of products on the market that will not inhibit your long term success, and they will be geared more toward a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix like Appethyl.

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