Avaprex Diet Review

Avaprex is a dietary and weight loss supplement that claims to do quite a bit. According to the makers of Avaprex the supplement has the power to suppress a user’s appetite as well as control their levels of cellulite. In addition, Avaprex is also said to increase endurance, strengthen and balance the heart, improve digestion, and even improve skin tone.*

According to the makers of Avaprex it is the key ingredient Cha de Burge that is responsible for all this. The ingredient is found in a tropical tree in the areas of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. When put into supplement form, it is said to be an almost miracle ingredient.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Avaprex Diet?

Even though the claims of Avaprex are great, the supplement alone will not be able to cause weight loss to any significant degree. While the other benefits might just come by taking the supplement as a standalone, those who are looking for weight loss will quite likely be disappointed if they do not have proper diet and exercise also going on at the same time they take Avaprex.

Is The Avaprex Diet Easy To Follow?

Though the website for Avaprex says that users should not exceed the recommended dosage per day, it is hard to determine what that dosage is. The supplement itself is simply taken with water as it is in capsule form, but knowing how much to take and when to take it looks like it might be reserved for those who actually buy the supplement, which can cause a bit of confusion.


Depending on where it is purchased, the average price for a bottle of Avaprex is around $15.00 to $20.00. However, it is not exactly clear as to how long that bottle should last, though it would be assumed that it is a one month supply. Even more disturbing though is the fact that the main ingredient Cha de Burge has a whole list of possible side effects. In fact, users can expect dry mouth, insomnia, and even an increase in anxiety. In the end, Avaprex sounds like it is a true miracle, but in reality it might just be a real nightmare. Though not very expensive, the actual benefits of Cha de Burge are still in debate, while the side effects are not, making this supplement one that might be better off left out of a daily weight loss regimen.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.