Baby Food Diet Review

baby-food-dietStraight out of Hollywood comes the latest and greatest diet fad known as the Baby Food Diet. First introduced by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, it has now gained a lot of steam thanks in part to more and more movie stars coming out saying they are actually losing weight on the diet.

There are two types of Baby Food Diet plans. One replaces all the food you eat throughout the day, with the exception of one meal, with 14 jars of various types of baby food. The other calls for you to simply replace your snacks with a jar of baby food. The more popular version is the one that replaces almost all the daily food.

There aren’t many rules other than the baby food that is consumed has to have calorie limits. The recommended caloric intake with the baby food is between 15 calories and 100 calories. By eating in such a manner the theory is that calorie consumption gets reduced greatly which can then lead to weight loss.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Baby Food Diet?

It is more than conceivable that you would lose weight eating nothing but baby food and one other meal. However, this would only be due to the fact that you will be restricting your caloric intake by a great deal and would have nothing to do with the baby food itself. While baby food might sound good, it is no magic bullet to losing weight.

Is the Baby Food Diet Easy to Follow?

At first you might actually enjoy eating lots of baby food. However, after just a short time on the Baby Food Diet you can expect to start craving food with more sustenance. After all, baby food was meant for babies.

While it is usually nutritious, it lacks many vitamins, nutrients, and also fiber, which are all vital to the health of an adult. Therefore, participants on this diet will have to supplement heavily to make up for those lost additives. This will lead to an increase in the expense of the diet as well as a commitment on your part to take your supplements daily.


The Baby Food Diet is a fad with a capitol F. The only reason any weight loss would occur with this diet is the fact that you would be practically starving yourself eating mashed up fruits, vegetables, and meats. Like many other fads before it, especially ones that start in Hollywood, you can expect that the Baby Food Diet will quickly come and go and make way for the next fad diet to take hold.

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