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The Beck Diet Solution Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

The Beck Diet Solution Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Beck Diet Solution was written and formulated over a span of 25 years by psychologist Judith S. Beck, and her helper Deborah Beck Busis. The concept behind this program is to teach people in six weeks how to think and eat like a thin person would by tapping into their cognitive behavior. The authors say that successful dieting is more than willpower and eating the right way, rather it demands that you form behavioral habits that will set you up for success long term.* When looking to contact the company, they provide an email only on the website here, and the email is: [email protected]. Judith Beck is the President of the “Beck Institute For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” located in Pennsylvania. The Beck’s have written more than one diet book such as “The Diet Trap Solution”, but this review in particular will be taking a deeper dive into “The Beck Diet Solution” program.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With The Beck Diet Solution Book?

This book is not a diet in itself, but more a book to dig deeper into the thoughts and behavioral activities that lead to overeating. The book teaches that the chronically overweight people have a few ways of thinking: Self pity (why me), the thought that life is unfair because they can’t eat whatever they want, and the all or nothing approach (if I can’t be really skinny then why even try). The more you crave foods and give into those cravings, the stronger and harder those cravings will come on.* Here are some testimonials from real customers in regards to this diet book:

“I think this is a good read when you are attempting a restart on your eating habits. I think it helps get you in a good mindset to aim for success. It’s all about changing your brain and your eating instincts. Being hungry is OK. It’s not the end of the world. As somebody who is overweight, it’s all about not feeling hungry. But, I can relax a bit now after having read this and don’t feel I need to constantly feel full.

 That being said, I don’t think this is the cure-all for obesity. It’s a start. There’s too much in here about eating because you’re guilty. That’s not why I eat. I eat because it’s a compulsion. So, this isn’t really the best tool for me I think. Also I found the homework assignments silly and tedious. I also don’t think it’s necessary to take 2 weeks to get going.” Heather F.*

Sea* said,  “I am usually a big fan of Beck and her cognitive therapy work. But this book isn’t really her best work. Its just another “quick fix” diet book, with the focus on short term rather than long term change, and even some of the guilt stuff. The process of working out new thoughts is not interactive enough to hold, the new thoughts she suggests are sometimes the very type of thoughts folks who are losing weight actually guilt themselves with.  She went onto say that it was a good idea, but the application was poorly executed. She has also tried a few CBT workbooks, and this one is going back to the sender as there is not new information given.

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 Is The Beck Diet Solution Easy To Follow?

Overall, the report was that the book was easy to read (meaning it was well written and not hard to follow along with). However, the digital and the audio version were said to be horrible and almost unbearable to listen to because of the reading voice that was chosen to narrate. All in all, the diet book is not restricting you to calories, foods, or times of the day to eat your meals. It is simply offering you mindset advice to train your brain to get to a place so that you can start dieting. Some people found this book, and it’s advice effective while others did not think the book was helpful at all. This really goes hand in hand with the personality of the reader, as some people have to be walked through a diet program versus just being told what and how to think when going through the process of a diet program. The Beck Diet Solution may be a good start when thinking about dieting, but it surely is not a diet itself.

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The book will tell you that being hungry is not an emergency (our bodies can live many days without a bite of food). If you feel hungry, “do not panic” is what Judith tries to hit home with readers. Her actual clinic is more of a business tailoring to many types of people, rather than just dieters. Some of these folks battle depression and other mental conditions that are not diet related at all.

In regards to the social media following buzzing around the Beck Diet Solution book, it is rather slim with little to no activity and participation from followers. I was surprised by these numbers, as this book and program are not as demanding as others out there making it more appealing to the average diet seeker. Overall, this diet book has said to be a good starter, but not the end all to gaining weight or keeping lost weight off for good, as the book states. You will need to read the book and digest the information first before you can even start to think about losing weight. With this taking more time to get started than the average diet typically does it may ward people off rather quickly.

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