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Belly Fat Cure Diet Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

Belly Fat Cure Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Belly Fat Cure Diet comes from the book of the same name written by bestselling author Jorge Cruise. The Belly Fat Cure Diet is similar to the South Beach diet and focuses on carbohydrate swapping, which is swapping out carbs for other sources of food. The entire diet plan revolves around keeping insulin levels in check as Cruise says not doing so leads to excess belly fat to gather thanks to sugars being stored as fat by the body. When followed properly Cruise promises up to nine pounds of weight loss per week.

The eating plan consists of lots of proteins, vegetables, fats, and a small amount of sweeteners. Participants are encouraged to drink at least eight glasses of water each day and can also drink beer, wine, and champagne in moderation. However, they must steer clear of any excess sugars, starches, milk, cocktails, and artificial sweeteners. The diet also expressly forbids almost all types of fruits until a participant’s ideal body weight is achieved.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Belly Fat Cure Diet?

The Belly Fat Cure Diet is like many other low carbohydrate diets on the market today. While weight loss usually comes in the short-term, it is a diet that requires a good deal of discipline to stay on for long-term success. Additionally, the diet doesn’t promote exercise or make you count calories. So, after some weight is lost the chances of losing more without slipping up and doing what isn’t recommended are slim to none.

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Is the Belly Fat Cure Diet Easy to Follow?

No calorie counting and no exercise sound like an ideal diet for anyone. However, because the Belly Fat Cure Diet restricts so many foods and food groups it is a diet that leaves itself wide open for slip-ups. Eating lots of eggs, meats, and cheeses is wonderful for a little while but can get old in an awful hurry.

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The Belly Fat Cure Diet is also a costly diet to undertake. Even though you will get to eat until your heart’s content, you will be eating a lot of proteins. That means buying a lot of meat which can be quite costly. Furthermore, the book itself will cost you around $20 and an additional $8 if you want the sugar and carbohydrate counter that comes highly recommended.

The Belly Fat Cure Diet is a great name for a book, but it is little more than your typical low carbohydrate diet. Many of the claims in the book seem a bit unrealistic, such as when Cruise says results are almost instant. While it is possible to lose the nine pounds in one week, the question of safety then comes to mind. In addition, losing nine pounds simply isn’t something that can be achieved week in and week out without putting your health at risk, which can leave many participants feeling a bit duped.

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  1. didn’t pay attention close enough. doesn’t promote high
    protein he calls for deck of cards size. promotes gentle exercise not brutal to the body. I have been able to follow this diet. i am 66 years old. procrastinating adding exercise but i will. felt the best i have in years. sleep better, hunger normal , snacking rarely. i have not touch sugar once. too much good for the bad rating you are giving it.

  2. I lost 50 lbs with Belly Fat Cure over several months of strict adhering to 15 grams of sugar a day. Yes it was difficult because sugar is more addicting than heroine and keeping track and watching intake is painful since it is in almost all processed foods. I kept the weight off for several years until my sweet tooth became more active and now after four years I have put 20 lbs back on. I plan to return to the diet not just because of the weight loss but also because eating foods with little sugar makes you feel good…even with sugar withdrawal.

  3. After speaking with three MDs and a PhD in the medical field, I believe low carb is the key for many people over the age of 40. I have not tried it, and in the past was worried it was a gimmick. But after gaining weight on 1400 cal a day with my high carb diet (180 + gms a day), I think I will. Will be back to let you know how I make out!

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