Belly Fat Diet Review

Belly Fat Diet Review
5.2 out of 10
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The Belly Fat Diet is the diet that is outlined in the book Belly Fat Breakthrough by Karlene Karst. According to Karst there are many factors that can lead to that excess and stubborn belly fat. Sadly many adults walk around with fat on a daily basis. Some of the factors she cites include lack of sleep, hereditary issues, excess stress levels, poor diet, and more.* In Karst’s book she outlines the positive effects of healthy fats, and fatty acids that are good to consume on a daily basis.

Once you see or understand what might be causing your belly fat, the book then takes you to the diet portion. It shows you what to eat and what to cut out. The Belly Fat Diet mainly consists of lots of whole grains for daily carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Gone are the sugars of the world, trans fats, and even alcohol. By cleaning up your diet with the help of this book, you are said to lose weight and belly fat. Many of the foods allowed on the Belly Fat Diet are higher in protein. Examples are cheese, yogurt, eggs, lean meats, flax seed oil, and coconut oil.

Belly Fat Diet perfect woman Belly Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Belly Fat Diet?

Dieters that do the Belly Fat Diet can lose weight if they know how to put meals together. The Belly Fat Diet doesn’t really lay out how to create meals. It explains what to eat and what not to eat while giving the servings per day that you should consume. Also, if you exercise, which is highly recommended with the Belly Fat Diet, then your chances of success will be even better.


However, most who report success report it early on. This is likely due to the fact that the diet is restrictive in nature making it extremely easy to cheat on.

One Amazon Customer* said, “General knowledge or should I say a reminder to people like me about body chemistry function. Good book for layman. This book reminds me of my discipline in managing my health and food. Being simple and follow what has been suggested, your body will thank you for it.”

Mary*said, “Getting rid of belly fat has been a life long unsucessful venture. This book gives me hope that I could actually do something to help myself with a little extra work. Read it and try it. I think it will work!”

Is The Belly Fat Diet Easy To Follow?

The Belly Fat Diet is really more information than it is a diet plan. If you can take the information you see in the book and then create your own meal plans you will likely have little trouble following along. However, for most people, no meal plans makes the diet a bit tricky. There is too much guessing on what meals to eat each day. Especially when you are incorporating new foods into your diet each day. The book educates on weight management which is helpful, but the lack of guides and meal plans is very crippling for people in the long run.

Belly Fat Diet confusingFurthermore, the Belly Fat Diet is one that restricts calories and food favorites. So, you might have trouble sticking to it for the long haul as cravings are sure to show up within a few days on the diet. There are no support groups, recipes, or samples to get you started making this program more informational rather than actually one to follow.


The Belly Fat Diet is cleverly marketed in the book Belly Fat Breakthrough, but it is nonetheless a marketing ploy. While the book is only about $10 it contains little more than information that can be searched for online and obtained for free. In fact, a lot of the information the book contains is knowledge you will likely already possess. There are lack of guides, support, meal plans, and recipes which makes actually putting the information into action very difficult to be successful on.

Belly Fat Diet internet searchIf you are looking for a “magic bullet” that will make your belly fat disappear in no time at all this isn’t it. While the information contained can help you achieve a flatter belly over time, the book and the diet still fall short, especially for beginners.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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