Belly Melt Diet Review

Belly Melt Diet Review
Belly Melt Diet Review

The Belly Melt Diet started off as a book that was designed to address the issue of hormones in the body and the role they played with weight loss. However, after much success, the editors of Prevention have made a full blown program out of the book and kept the name the same.

According to the program, once the body’s hormones are reset, the fat that the body has will almost melt away. In fact, the Belly Melt Diet states that up to eight pounds can be shed in just the first three days while a participant is on the quick start portion of the program.

The Belly Melt Diet focuses greatly on the foods that are eaten daily and they give tips and advice to help keep sugar away so blood sugar levels stay consistent in the body. There is also a section that covers how to get a good night sleep, which is supposedly vital to weight loss success.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Belly Melt Diet?

Dieters who participate on the Belly Melt Diet will likely see some weight loss in the short-term. This will be due to an increased awareness of what is being consumed combined with the ridding of foods that contain a lot of sugar. This will give a natural reduction in calories and should produce at least some weight loss as a result. The weight loss of a participant will also probably increase if they work out as suggested with the Belly Melt Diet. However, long-term weight loss would depend on whether or not a participant sticks to the rules and regulations set forth by the Belly Melt Diet Program.

Is the Belly Melt Diet Easy to Follow?

The Belly Melt Diet is well presented, but not always an easy program to follow. For example, the fact that most sugary foods will be cut out means that you will have to deal with cravings. They do offer you advice on how to keep cravings at bay, but with sugar that is sometimes easier said than done.

In addition, the workout rules are somewhat hard to follow at times. While there are no real set rules and regulations governing the workouts you can do, the Belly Melt Diet does suggest a specific time of day to work out according to each individual’s harmonies. If this time does not coincide with your schedule then your results may be skewed.


The Belly Melt Diet book is $15.99 retail, but the costs don’t stop with that. There is now a whole program that can be purchased and while it is free to try for 30-days, the costs will add up swiftly after that. Add to that the fact that this is only one of many diet programs that addresses keeping hormone levels in balance for proper weight loss and this diet may not stack up to be all it claims to be.


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