Belly Off Diet Review

Belly Off Diet Review


Updated on Aug 12, 2019

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The Belly Off! Diet is a program that was created by Men’s Health Magazine and specifically targets the male audience and their most unflattering feature; the big belly. The program is meant to last for eight weeks and according to Men’s Health it is possible to start seeing your belly shrink in as little as five days.

The Belly Off! Diet is a combination of diet and exercise and it allows for full customization. Along with grocery lists and a food guide, the Belly Off! Diet includes guidance on eating the right number of meals per day that will all consist of a lot of protein, some good fats, and some carbohydrates.

Working out is mandatory, but offered at three levels that you can choose from according to how much you’re into fitness. All exercises are said to be able to be done at home and consist of a lot of weight lifting combined with stretching in order to build muscle as you lose fat with the diet plan.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Belly Off Diet?

Dieters on the Belly Off! Diet can indeed lose weight if they stick to the actual plan for the entire eight weeks. However, once the eight weeks are over then any participant who doesn’t maintain what they have been doing will likely see much or all the weight they lost come back in a hurry.

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Is the Belly Off Diet Easy to Follow?

The Belly Off! Diet is not going to be a diet that is easy to follow. For the most part, men that have large bellies are not accustomed to working out as rigorously as the plan will require. In addition, the diet plan part of the program is little more than a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. While these can be effective in the short-term, they are hard to follow for any significant amount of time as having many of your favorite foods and food groups being totally cut out can prove to be too much for some. Therefore, the likelihood of cheating on such a diet is going to be high.

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The Belly Off! Diet is not unlike a low carb diet and there are many out there that cost far less than the $31.95 for the Belly Off! Diet book and the $7.99 for the Belly Off! Diet “Bonus Meals” guide. While it says you will lose weight by eating better and exercising like crazy, isn’t this something you already know?

Additionally, the program says you will lose weight in as little as five days, but it doesn’t say how much and that is a bit misleading. Practically anyone can lose at least some weight in five days if they stop their bad eating habits, stop drinking alcoholic beverages, and hit the weight pile hard. While the name is clever, the Belly Off! Diet may not be all it is cracked up to be.

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