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Bersafen is a weight loss product produced by Pure Results Nutrition, and the supplements they offer are in the weight loss, and wellness realm. The company is located in Palmer, Alaska. They quote on their website, “We may not be the cheapest choice but we pride ourselves in providing a superior quality product.”* They offer a 90-day money back guarantee with all of their products. Bersafen in particular is one of their weight loss supplements that is said to help with weight loss without all of the jitters. This is a caffeine free and stimulant free product that is said to reduce your cravings and make you feel more full after meals.

When I tried calling their customer service line, at 1(800) 272-9195, I was greeted with a message saying their phone lines were no longer available for support. Instead, they requested that you email them to get any questions answered. Their email is: [email protected], (this is a very slow way of doing business)! The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.*

The ingredients in the Bersafen diet supplement include: Vitamin B-6, Iodine, Potassium, Apple Cider Vingear Powder, Spirulina, Lecithin (soy), Kelp, Apple Pectin, and Bromelain.

spirulaDo Dieters Lose Weight On The Bersafen Diet Supplement?

This diet supplement is all natural, and there have not been any noted side effects which is always a good sign. However, along with not many side effects there also has not been any real results in the form of weight loss when looking at authentic testimonials. This is why you would purchase this product from the start, so what’s the problem with the formula? Many people were given this product for free if they left a good review, so beware of fake and overly positive reviews. We found some authentic reviews about how the product really worked for people.

“This works, but I don’t like that I need to take it 3 times a day. Some said 1 a day is enough but I only feel the benefit if I take 3 a day. Once with every major meal like breakfast, lunch and dinner. I suppose this may differ from person to person but yea a bit annoying because you have to remember and if you go out to dinner at a restaurant you look weird popping a capsules during meal time.”Amazon Customer*  this customer also went onto say that it was an effective supplement despite the negatives. They are kept full during their meals and the urge to eat at night is gone. They liked it, and said the Bersafen supplement kept them in good shape and kept their healthy habits in check. Other than that it’s very effective. My meals keep me super full and the urge to eat at night is gone. It’s awesome for staying in shape and keeps those good habits that much easier to stick to.”

Janet Blair* said, “No results yet after taking 2 per 3 a day for almost 3 weeks. I am eating normally, getting a little extra exercise, but no change on the scale. I have been pushing myself more, but I am not sure whether it is the result of extra energy from this supplement or determination on my part.” She said that she was given the product for her unbiased and honest review, and that the capsules really didn't bother her at all. She was waiting for the jitters, and ill effects to kick in but they never did. There is a small grassy aroma to the pills, but she said it was nothing unbearable to handle when taking the pill.  

  pills“This product has not worked for me after almost two weeks of use. I have about twenty pounds to lose to obtain a healthy weight but I did not lose even a fraction of a pound using this product. I took the maximum dosage of three capsules per day, one at each meal. I did not feel any suppression of appetite.” Ms. Owen* also went onto say that she had no conditions that would have kept her from getting results so she was disappointed the product did not work for her.

 Is Bersafen Easy To Follow?

This diet supplement is nothing more than taking one to three pills per day before your meals. This is very simple, as there is no diet plan associated with the pills other than just taking them daily. The supplement is quite expensive for what you will be getting. For a one month supply you will be spending about $24.97 per bottle. There are no studies shown on the website either as to the formula that is supposedly backed by science to assist in weight loss. Overall it is just not impressive, and does not have the customer's best interest in mind when it is all said and done. The diet pill company had to give out the supplements in return for reviews (some of which didn't turn out to be positive) which tells me they had a hard time selling this product consistently.


soyThis diet pill is rather weak in comparison to others on the market today, but the all natural approach is most definitely better than the dangerous pills on the market. They are more expensive than most, but you are paying for natural versus chemical (so they say). When looking at their ingredient list, soy most definitely doesn’t scream all natural by any means, as this is a very processed ingredient that shouldn't be consumed in large amounts. The company does not have any social media networks either, so when it is all said and done their means of customer support is rather weak. This product is not terrible, but it is expensive and not as effective as other diet pills on the market with the same claims. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on a product like Bersafen as it is not tested or proven to help someone lose weight and keep it off long term.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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