Better Choice: Brown Rice Cereal with Flax vs. Rice Krispies

Better Choice: Brown Rice Cereal with Flax vs. Rice Krispies


Update: Aug 08, 2019

We all have our favorite cereals, whether they are eaten frequently or just remembered from childhood mornings before school. There is nothing worse than inhaling your favorite cereal for breakfast only to get hit with hunger pangs 30 minutes later. Breakfast is meant to sustain you and keep you full for longer periods of time, not cause immediate hunger to set in. It is not all about “calories” either, but instead the amount of actual nutrients in the food you are eating.

Did you know that Brown Rice Cereal with Flax has the same texture as your typical Rice Krispie brand cereal, but it has less calories and a more nutrient dense structure? It also has less calories, which is a plus! The Flax in the cereal gives your body a fiber boost, phytochemicals, and Omega 3 fatty acids. It does all of these things without compromising flavor. Next time you are in the cereal aisle, bypass the Rice Krispie cereal, as it is just full of white starch with little to no nutritional value. Grab Brown Rice Cereal with Flax and reap the benefits at the very beginning of your day.

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