Better Choice: Oven or Pan Frying vs. Deep Frying

Better Choice: Oven or Pan Frying vs. Deep Frying


Update: Aug 08, 2019

In a world of flavor, there is nothing more dissatisfying than being subjected to bland diet foods. I am going to state the obvious, and say that deep-frying is so much unhealthier for you than just pan frying your food. If you have a Dutch oven, sticking it on low all day inside the oven is also a great way to ensure flavors are plentiful in your next meal. When you deep-fry food, you are adding in a lot more unnecessary oil and grease to your food, which in result adds on a lot of extra calories. Simply adding your oil to the pan and cooking on the stove top will reduce the salt, fat, and grease almost instantly!

Even better, have you heard of an air fryer? These are great inventions that keep oil and grease at bay, while getting your favorite hot and crunchy consistency. You can cut fat without sacrificing flavor, so get creative and ditch the grease and oil!

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