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Bioslim Diet Review 2020 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

Bioslim Diet Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesBioSlim originally started out as a health program in the medical office of Dr. Josh Leichtberg in 1990 at Summa Medical Group. The new product – BioSlim Ultra 2000 – is their most popular package to date, and it costs $89.85 for a one-month supply. Dr. Leichtberg claims that the South Beach Diet is a copycat of his diet, which is an interesting claim due to the kits being entirely different. In the kit you will receive:

  • Ultra Slim Tone Formula: Meant to kick start fat burn and boost your metabolic rate.
  • Ultra Accelerator: Meant to kick start the weight loss process.
  • Ultra Vita/Min plus: Helps increase the rate of weight loss.
  • Doctor’s Reference Guide Book
  • BioSlim Video Guide: The book is meant to educate the customer on weight loss, their health, and how BioSlim works for your body.
  • Activity Planner: A comprehensive tool to help track activity.
  • Cookbook: Filled with recipes that are approved while on the BioSlim Diet
  • Pocketpox: A pill holder to carry all of your supplements for the day

A couple of their key ingredients noted are green tea, cotinus, and quercetin, but exact amount of the ingredients are not given, so it was hard to decipher how much was even used in their bottles to deem effective.* The program does offer a guide from start to finish on how to go through the weight loss program, which is good regarding a support side. The company also offers a youth package, which comes with weight loss wafers, guides, vitamins, and a poster. Beware on their site, as they offer a “free sample,” but you will be charged with an $80.00 fee for “subscribing” to their auto ship program.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Bioslim?

Because there is no strict diet to follow, the weight loss success fluctuates. However, in the recipe books, low carbs are encouraged, as well as foods low in fat. The program also does not really stress exercise, which puts all of the emphasis on the pills. Many dieters have stressed the frustration with the auto ship program, and many people have been left with thousands of dollars out of pocket. Every review from outside sources has ranted about the terrible customer service, and the scam of the whole company.* People were so furious, they didn’t even care to try the diet pills after the entire headache.

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Is BioSlim Easy To Follow?

The fact that you have to take three different diet pills during the day is rather daunting to think about. On the website, you will search high and low for the cadence of when to take the pills, and you won’t see a darn thing. The overall quantities of the ingredient list is not present for the customer to see either, which raises red flags in my book. Your purchase of pills will last for six weeks, and once you purchase, you will be enrolled into an auto ship program that bills you monthly.

How to:

The Ultra Accelerator is meant to be taken for the first 12 days of the six weeks, and then the other two are meant to be taken for the remainder of the six weeks. The website is very unorganized, and it does not educate the consumer about how to take the pills and what they can do for their body long term. This does not seem like a long-term health and weight fix, rather more of a headache and a scam.*

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The ingredients in the products are merely listed, but the amounts are nowhere to be found. On top of this huge red flag, there have been hundreds of complaints about their auto ship program being a complete scam and charging people a lot of money for their quoted “free sample.”* Because of these two hiccups alone, I have no problem saying that this company is shady, and it is not worth the time or the investment.* The customer service is absolutely horrible, and they are not there to assist their customers. The website is very cluttered with informal information, which leaves a person utterly confused and concerned before even purchasing the products. I say this company looks like a scam, and I would not recommend going near this company or the products they sell.*

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  • Must prep Food
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  • Contains caffeine
  • Ships only to certain countries
  • No shortcuts
  • Lack of maintenance plan
Includes supplement
Includes supplement
Food Recipes
Food Recipes
Health Coaches
Health Coaches
Phone support
Phone support
Email Support
Email Support
Price $2.38/day $69.95 $1.99

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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