Bistro MD Diet Review

Bistro MD is a food delivery company that delivers what they call “doctor approved” meals right to your doorstep. Each meal is portion controlled and a full day of eating consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Calories are also controlled to be around 1,200 for women and slightly higher for men, with meals being customizable according to a dieter’s likes.

There are two programs with Bistro MD: the first is for meals that offer a full seven days; the other program is for five days of meals, which usually leaves the dieter to choose their own meals on the weekends. All meals are delivered in vacuum sealed bags and are either heated in the microwave or given a boil bath.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Bistro MD Diet?

Dieters using the Bistro MD service will likely lose weight if they only eat the three meals per day that come with the system.* This will be due to the fact that the combined calories of the meals will be far less than the normal caloric intake of most dieters. So, less calories consumed means at least some weight loss.

However, as with any diet, exercise will eventually need to be introduced in order to see lasting and long-term results. Without it, the body will simply adapt to the new number of calories being consumed and a plateau effect will likely happen, with no further weight loss occurring.*

Is The Bistro MD Diet Easy To Follow?

Using Bistro MD is not all that hard. The food comes pre-made and the heating of the food is not all that labor intensive. However, what might be difficult is the amount of food that is actually allowed to be eaten. Bistro MD only allows for three meals per day. Dieters who are used to snacking may find it tough to stick to only three meals. In addition, if the five day per week plan is chosen, dieters have a far more likely chance of overeating on the other two days of the week, which would be counterproductive to weight loss. It is said that five healthy meals per day is the most sustainable way to go when trying to lose weight, so a meager three meals a day just seems like you are setting yourself up for hunger. Some people may want three prepared meals for them, as well as additional snacks, but then they would stray from the actual program.


Bistro MD costs $159.95 per week for the seven-day plan, and $129.95 per week for the five-day plan. While it is a nice convenience to have, the question still remains about the amount of food you are allocated. Many of the most successful diet plans have dieters eating five times per day and though that is still portion control, the tendency to overeat is less when you get more meals throughout the day, which is not the case with Bistro MD.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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  1. Patricia bereson January 10, 2018 at 2:02 am - Reply

    The most discussing food I have ever tasted. The fish is so distasteful I almost threw up. The smell makes it obvious the fish is not fresh when cooked.
    The word fresh is insulting to my intelligence. I’ve done other programs and never had such a bad experience. After 3 meals I contacted customer service and stated the salmon, all three versions I tried were inedible. Their answer was give it some time. You’ll find things more to your taste. The next day after the tilapia, artichoke spinach frittata, onion frittata and cheese omelette I told them to cancel my membership. There wasn’t one meal that was edible. I was told my food had already been shipped. I hadn’t even placed my order. The food came 2 days later. Melting frozen food that smelled like a dumpster.
    Run don’t walk. Really run don’t walk.

  2. ipek February 2, 2017 at 2:15 am - Reply

    I was very excited to start BistroMD plan. When I received my package, I was kind of shocked because the foods were frozen and that didn’t seem right anyway I gave it a shot. 3 days after I received my foods, I got food poisoning from the beef dish and stopped eating them. Next week, I saw Bistromd package in front of my door even though I didn’t order! I did not know that they keep sending without any confirmation or anything. First I tried to solve the problem through chat, It wasn’t helpful at all so I sent them an e mail to cancel my plan and resend the package, they replied me that they can not take it back or refund. I told them many times that I got food poisoning and I do not want those food any more they insistently told me that I had to pay those food and keep them. What kind of company force their unhappy customers to pay unwanted product??? This is such a cheap company and the food is not fresh at all and unhealthy. IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT, DO NOT BUY FOOD FROM BISTROMD!!!

  3. Sandy Sims December 24, 2016 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    Used them for months–suddenly meal selections for Seniors on Silver cuisine page went to crap==no more whole chicken breasts for the old folks! Now its shredded pork nda–where we found TONS of shredded bone chips. DO NOT EAT ANY SHREDDED MEAT ENTREE-FROM HERE! YES WE TOLD THEM–BUT THEY’RE STILL SELLING IT A YEAR LATER! Meanest customer service folks on the planet!!

    We read too many complaints online with membership plans NOT working–they do not send what you order–you get the rankest ever fishy fish. We tried EVERY meal–not one fish meal was edible! Most casseroles also gross–not like the picture==very over-salted and otherwise bland goo. Used to have good whole chicken breast meals–pasta Ok but small and overpriced–but anything good so often out of stock we gave up.

    Now we use Swanns and Top Chef meals that finally deliver to Florida now! Yes you CAN eat awesome medium rare prime rib or sliced sirloin from a frozen food delivery service! Pick your own sides too–not get stuck with brussels sprouts and rice every time! Swanns is fast with awesome desserts –cheap–but fewer options–Top Chef is gourmet awesome–still huge meals for two with $1 extra meat option–lots of meals and new ones–but have to order 10 days in advance for Florida–few desserts. We have lost 30 lbs too! Hubby heart patient–me diabetic and mobility challenged–they cook for us and we each get our fav for the night! Shrimp skewers tonight that do NOT taste rank fishy!

  4. Corinne Porter May 23, 2016 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    The food is good and I am losing weight, but their customer service is awful. They told me that my fiance and I are in an area with Friday delivery. Two weeks in a row, one of us has not received our shipment on time, and we live together. I have also stressed to the company that we CANNOT have Saturday delivery, and they continue to insist that we can go pound sand. What’s more, this week, by the time my fiance’s food arrived, half of it was completely thawed and had melted all over inside the container. He can’t eat it, so now the best we can hope for is a refund and he has to lose momentum with the diet.

  5. Sandy Sims April 15, 2016 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    order from any place else–these guys sell crap–just take good web photos–and do NOT try to cancel on the website–look first –you can’t!! Ya gotta call–and good luck with that!
    BTW don’t order the chipped beef–tastes and smells like dog food–nor the chipped pork–mine had huge bone chips in it–I told them–they’re STILL SELLING IN ON THEIR SENIORS SITE!!!

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