Blue Apron Review

Blue Apron meal delivery review

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that provides the customer with a variety of fresh ingredients in order to create new and exciting meals. It is suitable for those who feel they are in a cooking rut and need new recipes to try out, or those who are simply short on time to grocery shop. The company was started in the summer of 2012 by three men living in New York City (Matt Salzberg, Ilia Papas, and Matt Wadiak). They cooked select recipes in their homes to try them out for taste, and ultimately felt they had a great idea. They boxed the ingredients themselves and delivered to friends and family first, and then the business took off from there.

How Does Blue Apron Work?

This is a meal kit delivery service company, so to be clear they do not send you meals already pre-made. You will be sent the ingredients in a well insulated box as well as a recipe card so that you know how to create the meal. Unlike other meal kit companies, they only have two different plans to choose from: Two Person Plan ($59.94 per week, $9.99 per meal, 2-3 meals per week) or the Family Plan that serves 4 people ($71.92-$119.34 per week depending on 2,3, 04 4 recipes per week) and each serving is $7.49-$8.99. Of course, there are always first timer deals on the site such as $60 off your first order etc.

There are also not any special dietary plans to choose from, but the company does offer a vegetarian option if you need it but only for the two person plan. Once you decide you want to invest your hard earned dollar with Blue Apron it will take you through a set of steps such as putting in your e-mail and creating an account which will be the hub for your future orders and information. Simply choose the plan you want, and then add in your e-mail.

You will let the company know your “dietary preferences” and then from there they will personalize the menus you will receive each week. The meals can be paused or cancelled at anytime, but you cannot pick the exact recipes you want each week. Some examples of the recipes are: Summer Vegetable Gnocchi, Garlic Shrimp & Spanish Style Potatoes, Pork Lettuce Cups, Sweet and Spicy Udon Noodles, Seared Steaks and Mashed potatoes, and Chicken Enchiladas Verde.

The Bottom Line: Blue Apron has two different plans to choose from, the two person plan and the family plan. They do not have specific dietary plans to choose, and you cannot pick the exact recipes you want. The first order you will get $60 off your meals, and each order can be paused or cancelled at anytime.

Have You Heard Of Blue Apron Wine?

Blue Apron WineAs outlined on the site, along with tools for cooking, Blue Apron distributes their own bottles of wine. You can sign up for this service and receive bottles of wine monthly.. The packages are “personalized” and arrive at your doorstep with tasting notes, pairing tips, and the story behind every bottle of wine.

Is Blue Apron Safe?

There is nothing dangerous about this company, especially in the way they deliver. All of the food is kept fresh under packs of ice and hefty insulation. If anything, the only “danger” is going to be the amount of unrecyclable waste each box omits. This definitely has effects on the environment long term. With small Styrofoam pieces, plastic to hold seasoning, and the vacuum seal plastic for the meats there is very little you can actually recycle. However, overall as far as food quality is concerned, the company provides a safe product for its customers.

The Bottom Line: The company is completely safe, but the amount of environmentally waste that occurs is not appealing.

Pros and Cons of Blue Apron

There are both pros and cons with Blue Apron, and they are about equal believe it or not. Whether it comes down to cost breakdown, serving sizes, or tastiness of the meals there were customers who had an opinion! Let’s start off with the pros, because I like to stay positive above anything.


  • The meals come with the exact amount of ingredients so no measuring in necessary.
  • The recipe cards are easy to follow, leaving out any confusion that could arise.
  • The company lets you look at the menu well before they ship to make sure you actually like what meals are coming your way. If you don’t you simply can skip.
  • They give the first time customer $60 off of their first order, and make cancelling easy.
  • Blue Apron provides a recipe database for both paying and non paying customers.


  • The meals are more expensive than just buying the ingredients at the grocery store, and they leave little to no leftovers which can be a real downer for some people who enjoy having another meal the next day.
  • Each box comes with a substantial amount of environmental waste that is not recyclable.
  • No word of the ingredients being organic
  • You cannot choose your specific recipes desired.
  • No specific dietary plans to choose from

The Bottom Line: The company has an equal amount of pros and cons associated with it. The meals have been said to be tasty. However, the portion sizes and the environmental waste has been said to be a letdown. You cannot choose your recipes, but can skip a shipment whenever you need to.


Blue Apron is a great company with limited packages to choose from. There are many different companies out there that offer specialty diet plans that cater to your individual needs, but this is not one of them. The food has been reported to taste great, and the recipes are easy to follow. As with most meal kit companies you can cancel, pause, or skip deliveries whenever you want from the home page of your specific account. All in all there are a lot of great recipes to choose from but you might not have any leftovers for the next day!


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