Body for Life for Women Diet Review

Body for Life for Women was created by Dr. Pam Peeke, and was designed to help women lose weight without losing energy. Dr. Peeke says that this revolutionary system will teach women how to eat better and also show them how the right kind of exercising can complement weight loss with muscle toning.*

The Body for Life for Women is a 12-week program, and during this time, dieters are expected to eat five to six times per day. The meals that are eaten are breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snacks in between. Added to the meal plan is lots of intense exercising to the tune of three 20-minute cardio sessions and three 45-minute strength training sessions each week.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Body For Life For Women Diet?

Dieters undertaking the Body for Life for Women program will almost certainly lose weight.* With a calorie-restricted diet plan and plenty of hard-core workouts, weight loss should be an almost sure thing. However, long-term weight loss will all depend on how well the dieter can carry over the lessons and activity level learned in the first 12 weeks.

Is The Body For Life For Women Diet Easy To Follow?

While the Body for Life for Women program may prove effective for weight loss, it will not be an easy program to follow. First, there is the matter of the frequent meals. While this might be a better way to consume foods during the day, it can be hard for those who have little time. More concerning though are the exercise routines. The Body for Life for Women makes no bones about it – they are intense and hard. While this is great for calorie burning, it can make the Body for Life for Women an impossibility for those just breaking into fitness.*


The Body for Life for Women program is good to follow for those who already have their diet and nutrition well underway. While the all-in, feet-in-the-fire approach might prove to be a good thing for some in the realm of weight loss, if you are looking for the first time at getting into shape, this will likely prove to be too much for you. While not expensive at around $15 for the Body for Life for Women book, the fact still remains that you will likely be better off finding a program that offers both diet and exercise guidance on which you can gradually build.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.