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BodyBugg Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

BodyBugg Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesThe BodyBugg is a calorie management system that is both owned and sold by Apex Fitness. This company also happens to own all of the 24-Hour Fitness® locations around the country. While the overall concept of the BodyBugg seems amazing, the product has received terrible reviews from it’s current customer base. The BodyBugg says that it can manage your activity for the day, as well as notice changes when your body consumes calories.* You enroll in your own program based off of your weight, height, and age in correlation to how much you workout and eat a day. On top of purchasing the armband and tracker for around $75.00, you then have to enroll in a six-month nutritional web program that the company offers for an additional $9.95 per month. For a one-year subscription, which you may end up paying straight away, the cost is $179.00 just to operate your new BodyBugg that you supposedly own

To reach out to the company for technical support you can call: 866-314-9423

To reach out to the company for customer service you can call: 1-800-656-2739, option 3.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With the Bodybugg?

With all of the high performance fitness trackers on the market today, they make this device look like it came from the Stone Age. The reviews from customers were extremely poor, making this a very unpopular investment for weight loss and health. The device itself is poorly made, which means it can break very easily on you. When you pay for the device, you have to continue paying for a subscription service in order to use the device you already own. This product is so focused on taking money from people, and they have gotten no reviews on how people have actually lost weight with this gimmick of a product.

Carol Yeakle* said, “I gave up logging my food. It is not a very good app for that. Most of my searches did not turn up any foods I eat simple stuff really, and there’s no way to scan in a bar code or manually enter the food you’ve eaten.” Overall, she said the set up was very frustrating and the way the BodyBugg actually worked was rather confusing at best.

C. Simmons* said, “I have owned my BodyBugg for about a year and a half. In the beginning I used it with a lot of success. I cancelled my subscription at the end of last year because I had to give the gym a break due to surgery. I was given the green light to head back to the gym so I reactivated my subscription but couldn’t get my Bugg to accept a charge. I called through technical support and was told it was a ‘battery issue” and that since I have had it over a year, the only option would be to purchase a new arm band.” She was very disappointed that the battery was not accessible to be charged by a consumer, and thought that was a complete rip off. Normal battery life for the BodyBugg is around 18-24 months until you have to purchase another one. It is not the best investment long term, especially with all of the new technology out there today.

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Is The Bodybugg Easy To Follow?

No, this device comes with many stipulations that are not very user friendly or desirable. You have to pay for their subscription service to their website, otherwise the device is of no use. They say that it’s free for the first six months, but you essentially are paying for that in the high cost of the device itself. Once the six months are up, you are forced to pay a subscription to Apex Fitness, otherwise the device is of no good to you. The development of the product is extremely poor, which leads me to believe this product is a complete dud.

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As we can all tell, this product is going to fade away rather quickly from the public eye. There are too many fitness tracking devices that are much better made and do not require you to pay an additional amount after the first purchase. For that reason alone, this product is going to get buried by the TomToms, Fitbits, and Garmins of the world. As stated, this product has terrible customer reviews, and does not do a good job producing a high-quality product; rather you are going to be replacing the armband every month due to it breaking on you. Save your time, money, energy, research, and frustration on this product. It has not produced results, nor will it ever.

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