Bright Line Eating Diet Book Review

Bright Line Eating Review

Bright Line Eating is a diet book that breaks down the science of living happy, thin, and free (all while losing weight that will stay off). The author Susan Peirce Thompson explains to the reader right off the bat that the brain has the power to block weight loss, which is why many people fail to lose sustainable weight for long periods of time. The book is based off of four “lines” that help heal the brain, allow the body to reduce cravings, and ready itself to shed pounds off to reach weight loss goals. If you are wondering how to overcome willpower, the book does not rely on strong willpower and gives the reader ways to be successful anyway. Susan Peirce Thompson was also the author of bestseller, Diet For A New America.

How Does Bright Line Eating Work?

The title of the book is rather interesting to say the least, and it makes the potential customer wonder how it all will work together. Susan talks about the hormone leptin, and how important it is for weight loss, along with rewiring the brain. Leptin is the brain’s natural defense against gaining weight, as it tells your body when it is full. The problem is, insulin blocks the leptin hormone, which can cause overeating very quickly resulting in weight gain.

This is where the program really comes into full swing. The diet does reduce calories, yes. But it also completely eliminates all foods that cause an insulin spike. These foods include processed white carbs, and sugar just to name the obvious culprits. So what exactly are the bright lines that the book refers to? There are four of them:

  1. Flour: Any type of flour coming from any grain or pulse needs to be eliminated from the diet.
  2. 3 Meals: Always eat three meals per day with no snacks in between the meals.
  3. Sugar: Every and all types of sugar are not permitted. This includes maple syrup and honey too!
  4. Fixed Quantity of Food: Measure the food you are eating by weight or plate size.

The book will take you on an 8 week boot camp journey that will in hopes get you away from the viscous cycle of dieting and on your way to better health and fitness.

Pros and Cons of The Bright Line Eating Diet

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This is not just a diet book you follow, as it comes with more options online. It is primarily an online program where you will sign up and pay for the 8 week boot camp, join challenges, get eating plans if you desire, and be apart of the community. While this is all great, it comes with a cost. The two week challenge for example costs $29.00 to join. Many of the challenges are rather cheap like this, but there is cost involved. This can be both a pro and a con.

If you look into the price of the actual boot camp (con) it is right around $500.00 which is very expensive for an online program. Granted they say they will give you access to a support team that will help each dieter out, kind of like a personal coach. Another con is the success rate, with not everyone seeing great improvements on the program. When looking into different reviews, there was a good mix of opinions . With the book being primarily focused on food addiction, and the biochemistry of the brain it can work if you understand and apply the information or it can just go in one ear and out the other.


The overall cost of the book itself is very affordable, and you can stop there if you wish. I do like how there is an option for an online community if you choose to use it. It will come with a cost as mentioned above, so if you need more support and a structured boot camp style diet there are options out there. Said to be a fairly easy to understand read, the author breaks down the science behind why certain foods are addicting, and how the leptin hormone in the body becomes suppressed once insulin levels are spiked. In a nutshell this book has relatively easy to retain information, in an affordable book with add on options.


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