Brown Fat Revolution Diet Review

The Brown Fat Revolution Diet was developed by James Lyon, MD and works off the theory that not all fats are bad for the body. According to Dr. Lyons, it is the yellow fats that make the body look bad, while brown fats are actually quite beneficial to the body.

The problem with brown fats is that it becomes less prevalent as the body ages and the Brown Fat Revolution Diet addresses this. With a four week diet and exercise program, the Brown Fat Revolution Diet attempts to get the body’s brown fats back to a state of dominance which then supposedly helps the body naturally get rid of the bad yellow fats.

The Brown Fat Revolution Diet’s actual diet plan revolves around alternating carbohydrates and proteins. By doing this, Dr. Lyons says the body’s blood sugar is kept in check which helps stave off any unwanted yellow fats.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Brown Fat Revolution Diet?

Like many other diets that are calorie restrictive and alternate between carbohydrates and proteins, dieters on the Brown Fat Revolution Diet can expect to lose weight at least in the short-term. This weight loss will be greatly accelerated if they commit to the exercise routines of the program which are almost all weight based.

However, long-term weight loss remains to be seen. While there is some evidence as to the theories of brown fat fighting off yellow fat, there is no hard scientific evidence supporting the claim. So, it is possible that a weight loss wall will be hit with the Brown Fat Revolution Diet after a short while on the program.

Is the Brown Fat Revolution Diet Easy to Follow?

The Brown Fat Revolution Diet is well put together, but it is a restrictive diet by nature. While the alternating of carbohydrates and proteins might make cravings a little easier to handle, there are still many foods that are not allowed, so cravings will be a likely constant.

In addition, the Brown Fat Revolution Diet calls for a lot of weight training. This is broken down by age group, but for many, only doing weight training can be too hard and/or monotonous. Those with pre-existing injuries that disallow weight training would not be able to effectively do the Brown Fat Revolution Diet.


While the Brown Fat Revolution Diet offers an interesting theory on good and bad fats, that theory is still unproven. So, it comes down to little more than a $24.99 book about alternating carbohydrates and proteins while lifting lots of weights. But, for the price you won’t be getting anything cutting edge, except for the unproven theory.

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