BSkinny Review (AKA: Transformation Weight Loss Drops)

The company claims that because of 15 + ingredients found in the supplements you can expect to lose a significant amount of weight in just 15 days. This statement makes me wonder what would the FTC have to say about that. Their claims are over zealous, and unrealistic.*

The diet comes with recipes and recommends a very low calorie diet. No starches or sugars are allowed. Lean protein, vegetable and fruit are the only foods that are allowed throughout the program.

 Is BSkinny Easy To Follow?

The instructions for taking the product are very easy. The company recommends you to take the drops orally 3 times a day, held under the tongue before swallowing.* The diet part is not this easy, as it requires mental preparation and heavy duty will to stay on track and progress toward your goals.

Do People Lose Weight On BSkinny Supplements?

Can you lose weight while consuming 500 calories a day? Of course you can, but it is not sustainable. Will the results be long lasting? Not from what our research shows. Most consumers are very happy with the loss while on the diet (it has been reported that people lose a good amount of weight in a day in the first week), however, once the diet is completed 70% of people who have followed “Pounds and Inches” protocols reported the weight coming back. There have been many reports of people losing their hair, confusing their body’s system to the point where once more than 500 calories are consumed the body hangs onto every single calorie and weight gain can be seen on the mere 1200 calories per day.

Some of the reviews we have found are conclusive with our findings:

“It’s unrealistic not to mention unhealthy to follow a 500 calories a day diet. Of course you will lose insane amount of weight if you barely eat anything and I don’t think it would have anything to do with taking these drops.”


Even though the company claims their product causes “Zero known negative side effects” they fail to mention that the diet program (from the popular book “Pounds and Inches) can have such side effects like: fatigue, irritability, restlessness, depression and other serious side effects like blood clots and edema (fluid buildup). They purposely failed to mention that the diet recommended on their official homepage has been banned in the US.

There were a few health complaints that we found online from verified customers:

“These drops made my ankles swell and I had numbness on the right side of my body. They didn't work for me.”

“Gave me a terrible headache… the website sucks and has zero info on it. Steer clear.”

No contact number or even e-mail could be found on the site. There is a contact form that can be filled out to contact the customer support. Not being able to get in touch with customer service right away a warning sign to be cautious.

There is no money back guarantee that could be found anywhere on the site or

If you are ready to change your health we highly recommend that you find a diet that will not have you losing your hair, gaining saggy skin and regaining the weight back after putting in so much work and effort, and not to mention money!

Top 5 Diets in 2018*

Program Price
Food Recipes
Health Coaches
Phone support
Email Support
Support Group
6 Month MBG
#1 PS1000 Plan
#2 Trim Down Club
#3 Ketogenic Diet
#4 Weight Watchers
#5 Medifast

*Individual results will vary.

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