Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Review

The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet was designed by husband and wife doctors who say they address the problem of eating too many carbohydrates and its ability to throw the body out of whack. According to the pair, eating too many carbs, and the wrong types of carbs, leads to your body’s insulin production going off the charts, which will mean the additional storage of fats in your body. By controlling what you eat and when you eat it, the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet says it can help keep your body’s insulin levels in check which will allow you to lose weight.

Basically, the diet is very restrictive for the first two weeks. During that time you eat three meals a day. Of the three meals breakfast and lunch have to be comprised of very protein rich items from a specific foods list. Dinner is whatever you wish it to be as long as you eat everything within an hour. After the first two weeks, you are then slowly reintroduced to certain carbs.

While the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet does recommend that you exercise there is a way in which they tell you to go about it. Instead of recommending going to the gym every day the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet instead promotes simply staying active and constantly moving around.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet?

Even though the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet focuses on staying away from bad carbs, it also works to reduce your daily caloric intake. That alone should have you seeing at least some weight loss. However, a lot of your weight loss success will hinge on your own personal control during your dinner.

Since you will be able to eat anything you want you can easily blow any progress you may have made during the day. Even though you only get an hour to consume foods, if you are feeling too carb deprived, that could lead to a binging effect which would halt any and all weight loss progress.

Is the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Easy to Follow?

The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet is laid out nicely with the exception of the free meal. Because they give you no guidance on what to eat other than to say you get an hour to eat it, you might feel a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Additionally, you may find that the utter lack of carbohydrates during the day is too much for you to handle.


The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet is one that has a clever title and does allow for some carbs to be consumed. Though the diet is meant to help your body regulate its production of insulin the claim is suspect as you could literally eat all the bad carbs the diet tries to get you to avoid during dinner. Additionally, any weight loss you might actually experience on the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet would likely be short lived unless you forever adopted the diet’s unusual way of daily eating.

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