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CLA 1250 Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try?

CLA 1250 Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesCLA 1250 is a weight loss supplement that supports metabolic rate, and healthy immune function.* CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and it would take a large amount of the consumption of meat and dairy to gain the effects that CLA can give you in a small pill form. The product derives from safflower oil, and you will get about 1,000 milligrams per pill. After much research on CLA alone, it has not been proven to help with weight loss in any shape or form. There is no scientific backing on CLA and the loss of BMI (Body Mass Index) anywhere to be found. It seems already that this is just another supplemental pill claiming to better your “metabolic rate” but does it really even come close to doing that?

The Ingredients in CLA 1250 by MRM:

1,000 mg of CLA, as well as 180 soft gel capsules.

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Do Dieters Lose Weight On CLA 1250?

This product was a bit of a wash for most, as the dosage in each capsule was rather high for some then again not high enough for others! There were known side effects such as racing hearts, palpitations, and sick feelings when taking the supplement. However, amongst the negative side effects this product may give you, there were people who said they saw no side effects and the product seemed to work okay for them. It is not going to be a magic diet pill (as nothing is) but the reviews were not terrible as a whole. CLA does not work well with people who are obese or extremely overweight, and it does not change your body composition. So if you are aware of that upfront, you will know what the pill will and will not do. The FDA has dismissed the fact that CLA will help you lose weight, and it won’t confirm that this is a safe product to use. The last large similarity from the customers who tried the product said that this CLA 1250 did nothing at all, which is almost worse than having a few side effects if the product works.

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Is CLA 1250 Easy To Follow?

Yes, this is relatively easy to follow, as the only thing you are requires to do is taking a pill three times a day. If your body does not agree with the CLA in your system, then you will obviously have a much harder time taking the pill three times a day. The pills are relatively cheap, so you really do get what you pay for in a sense. For 180 gels, you will have to pay just over $20.00 with shipping if you are ordering online. As far as convenience goes, the soft gels are said to be large and not very soft at all, which can make taking them a large pain in the butt or in this case your throat. If you do not like to burp up fishy smell, this product is NOT for you. You are almost guaranteed to burp up a gross fishy taste in your mouth when taking this supplement. Be informed.

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While CLA 1250 is going to be marketed from here until the end of time, it is most certainly not a magic diet pill. The ingredients have not even been proven as an effective way to lose weight, change body composition, or have any effect on your metabolism whatsoever. There were some horrendous side effects as noted above, and then there was absolutely no seen effectiveness at all. Which one is worse? I would definitely not waste my time, money, or health on trying out this product especially with the nasty fishy smell side effects it gives. Be advised before you purchase a product like this, that it has been said to do nothing for people who are obese or extremely overweight. There are many different brands of CLA on the market, and I took an in depth look at CLA1250 by MRM. This was one of the most popular brands on the market (but not the only one out there.)

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