Clean Cuisine Diet Review

The Clean Cuisine Diet was created by health fitness specialist Ivy Ingram Larson and her husband Dr. Andrew Larson when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Instead of going on all the recommended medications, she decided to drastically change her diet. Her efforts worked so well with results that were phenomenal that she decided to create a diet and exercise plan for those going through what she did.

By eating whole foods and exercising in a specific way, the Larsons claim that new and clean techniques will be instilled in the lives of participants. These techniques will help battle diseases such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and even arthritis. Over time, the diet is said to even ward of inflammation in the body, produce more energy, and improve overall mood.

The Clean Cuisine Diet program is initially an eight week program. Along with nutrition, an exercise regimen is put into place called the Full Fitness Fusion: The 30-Minute Solution. The workout is low impact activity and is meant to be easier to do than the traditional higher impact aerobic workouts that are popular today. Though not started as a weight loss program, the Larsons say that weight loss is an added bonus of the Clean Cuisine Diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Clean Cuisine Diet?

Because the Clean Cuisine Diet focuses on whole foods and exercise, participants on the diet will likely lose weight, especially if they are used to eating a high number of calories every day and are primarily sedentary in their activity. However, because the diet does call for these whole foods, many food favorites, as well as food group favorites, will be out altogether. This might mean cravings get the best of some and severely hinder weight loss progress.

Is the Clean Cuisine Diet Easy to Follow?

The Clean Cuisine Diet is covered well in both the diet and exercise categories. However, the diet is very restrictive and is not going to be the easiest one to follow. This problem will only intensify for those who are used to eating out on a regular basis.

The whole foods required will also call for a commitment of time and money. Whole foods tend to be more expensive at the store and some of the items on the Clean Cuisine Diet will have to be tracked down at specialty stores.

Another consideration is the exercise itself. While not high impact, it might still be a challenge for those not used to exercising. Even if exercising is not a problem, the diet calls for such exercise several times each week, which can be hard to commit to time wise.


The Clean Cuisine Diet book retails for about $26 and is likely a great diet for those who have the problems mentioned in the beginning. However, it should be remembered that the diet plan was not created to be a solution for weight loss. Therefore, those who are looking for an easily structured weight loss specific program with some level of flexibility will not find it in the Clean Cuisine Diet.

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