Colorado Diet Review

Colorado Diet Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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The Colorado Diet, also known as the State of Slim diet, was founded in 2013 by two doctors named Holly Wyatt and James O’Hill. This diet comes primarily in the form of a book, and it will take you through a 12-week weight loss journey. There are three phases of the book:

  • Phase 1 – Reigniting the participant’s metabolism: You must eat a lean protein at every meal, you should pair that protein with a recommended carbohydrate at every meal, you may have healthy fats at no more than two meals a day, you should eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, and measure portions don’t count calories.*
  • Phase 2 – Rebuilding the metabolism: There are foods that are reintroduced back into the diet after phase 1, including: avocados, olives, fruit, pork, whole eggs, brown rice, rice cakes, sweet potatoes, beans, and pistachios to name a few.*
  • Phase 3 – Reinforcing the metabolism: Your exercise regime will go up to 70 minutes per day during this final phase. More foods are slowly introduced back into the diet, but with extreme moderation.*

They make a bold claim, to say if you follow this program for 12-weeks at 100 percent, you can lose a large amount of weight.* The book can be purchased for around $20.00 on Amazon, and through their personal website. They promote activity every day; even if you have a jam-packed schedule, they help you find ways to fit in your workout. Finally, the diet calls for the elimination of certain food groups by phase. While the diet promotes healthy eating and exercise, it is simply a book and will not do the work for you.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Colorado Diet?

Because the diet eliminates many foods in the first two weeks of the diet, on top of rigorous daily activity, weight loss is to be expected. Doctors who have scientifically proven that a healthy diet and exercise will aid in a person losing weight wrote the overall idea of the book. The program is rather long and tedious with many food restrictions, so it may leave one losing an unhealthy amount of weight only to gain it all back once they are off of the 12-week program.*

When looking into testimonials about the program, there were many reviews that said the book provided a smart diet plan with healthy clean eating, but there was not an extensive list of meal plans to follow. Another review read that there were no pictures, and not really any inspiration behind the text; rather, it was just an experiment project written in boring black typed letters.* On another note, there were some customers who said the overall concept of the book made sense to them, and they were trying to follow it the best they could.

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Is The Colorado Diet Easy To Follow?

No. Any time you are forced to eliminate a lot of different foods completely out of your diet for extended periods of time, it is going to be challenging. This program is three months long, and requires full cooperation to eat clean and exercise. If you do not follow this regimen, the program will simply not work for you. It is easy to read a book, but the challenge lies in actually applying the information to your life. They authors of the Colorado Diet are not reinventing the wheel with the information they provide; they just put common knowledge in the form of a book and renamed it “The Colorado Diet.”

Like any elimination diet, your body will experience side effects from eliminating favorite foods like sugars, salts, and carbs. Many side effects have been noted as having little to no energy, feeling nauseous, getting frequent headaches, and being irritable.

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The basic take-home message from this diet is that it has a good nature behind it. The idea that they make a person reach their weight loss goals through proper diet and exercise can’t be frowned upon. Does this mean it is the magic solution to all of your weight loss needs? No. Everyone requires different things when setting personal goals for their weight loss journey, so it may not be a one-size-fits-all diet. They do offer support groups on their website that can help the process of losing weight, instead of going through it alone. In these support groups, you will read the book together and schedule workouts together to keep one another accountable. There is no harm in reading this book, as it may work for some people, but as stated above, it may not be for everyone. Always consult your doctor before jumping into rigorous activity, as your body may not be used to it right away.*

  1. My wife an I have been on the Colorado Diet for 4 weeks now. She has lost 15 lbs and I have lost 25. We are both in our early 60s. The program is easy to follow and while the foods you can eat are limited in the first few weeks, the results are amazing and the food isn’t that bad. It just seems restrictive because it’s not what you’ve been eating all your life. My wife and I bought the book, but have been doing the diet on our own. We are walking and riding bikes (hardly rigorous) and eating healthy (always a good thing). Through the diet we are trying new foods and feeling great. We are in Phase 2 so have ‘earned’ a free meal and had pizza last week and Shepard’s Pie and fish and chips this week and we are still losing weight. Is the plan right for everyone, likely not. But don’t let the review above keep you from making up your own mind.

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    Shira Sheila Reiss July 17, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    I have been vegan for 2 years, but put on weight. I wondered if I put it on because all of the legumes may be high carb. The State of Slim Diet program is being offered to all employees in the school district where I work in Colorado. They say that normally it is an $800 program, but the school insurance is covering $600 and we pay $200. Last night, I went to the first class where we had a cheerleader type of “coach-teacher” who made all kinds of promises and had us buddy up with another person. The diet reminds me of the Curves Diet which had the same concept of changing metabolism in phases. Curves offered a high protein type of program or another program which you choose based on your metabolism. The SOS Diet has only the high protein type of diet and in each phase you add other carbs. It reminds me a bit of the S. Beach Diet, too. Are you familiar with any of these diets? I asked if they have a longitudinal study to see how long the pounds stay off and they said that at this time, they do not have one, but are gathering the data now. I continue to be a skeptic about all diets, but I do need to lose weight. Thoughts?

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