Contour Belt Review

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The Contour Belt is an abdominal belt that, when used properly, promises flat and toned abs. This is done as the belt makes the body do 150 perfect abdominal contractions per session. So, the idea is that the abdominal region of the body, which includes the lower belly that many people struggle to keep tone, can be worked on even when there is little to no activity going on.

The Contour Belt is said to be able to deliver stunning results in just minutes each day. The results that it delivers all come with no sit-ups, crunches, or even sweat. For those who have little to no time to work out, this product claims to be the solution. The website says that it is now possible to get a great abdominal workout anytime, anywhere. Whether mowing the lawn or watching television, the Contour Belt supposedly gives a great workout without all the effort.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Contour Belt Diet?

Dieters that are using the Contour Belt without proper diet and exercise are just going to be spinning their wheels. While some weight loss might occur, it would likely be very minimal and also probably just be coincidental. Simply using the Contour Belt for a few minutes each day will not allow dieters to eat what they like and do no additional exercising.

Is The Contour Belt Diet Easy To Follow?

The Contour Belt is very easy to use. Simply fit the belt around the mid-section and turn the device on. The device then simulates abdominal exercises using its Toning Technology, which makes the abdominal muscles expand and contract.


At $130, plus $10 shipping and handling, the Contour Belt is nothing more than a gimmick. However, it is a cleverly advertised gimmick as over one million have been sold. But, raw sales numbers alone do not equate to weight loss. Even doing regular sit ups and crunches will do nothing for weight loss without having good nutrition. This is a point proven on the Contour Belt website. All over the Contour Belt website it can be seen that results of the success stories are not typical. There are even many references that state the Contour Belt will only work properly when implemented with proper diet and exercise.*

Just as there are no short cuts with diet, there are unfortunately no short cuts with exercise. Even for the long-term the Contour Belt will not produce significant weight loss results without proper diet and other exercises. The best that can be expected without good nutrition and fitness is stronger abdominal muscles that are hidden under a layer of fat.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.


*Individual results will vary.
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