Control X Keto Weight Loss Supplement Review

Control X Keto Weight Loss Supplement Review


Update: Apr 13, 2022

Control X Keto Weight Loss Supplement Review
Control X Keto Weight Loss Supplement Review
  • A supplement for keto-eaters

What is Control X Keto Control About

Keto X Control reviewControl X Keto is a supplement that you take for weight loss. Company claims it is ‘the best weight loss product in the US’. Expected weight loss is up to a pound per day. You can expect to lose 5 pounds in one week and 20 pounds in one month. After five months, you’ll have transformed your new slim physique according to Keto Control (assuming you had around 80 pounds to lose). The supplement is intended to be used as a supplement to stay in fat burning ketosis, so you’ll have to follow a ketogenic diet to get use out of this product. And as long as you do, you’ll be melting away the fat at the rate of a pound a day. The miracle ingredients in the product are BHB’s and Guarana Cambogia. And with these two ingredients, you have the product that America has been waiting for. I beg to differ. 

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How Does Control X Keto Work and Is It Effective?

Garcinia Cambogia has been around for 15 years or so now. And since it first became well-known, it’s never really lived up to its appetite suppressing hype. As far as the other ingredient is concerned, it’s up to you if you believe the hype about BHBs. They are exogenous ketones, and many people believe that they help to slip you into ketosis and keep you in fat-burning mode or enhance your fat burning. It would be nice to believe this, but it’s unlikely to be true. The only way you’ll get into ketosis is by keeping your macros to the advised 5% carbs, 15% protein, and 80% fat. That way your body will have no choice but to burn fat as there is nothing else. Diet Doctor conducted an investigation into exogenous ketone salts or BHBs. The results were very revealing and not good news for advocates. The experiments conducted by Diet Doctor showed very little enhancement from taking BHBs when compared with a placebo. In fact, even blood ketones were barely affected. Aside from having ineffective ingredients, losing one pound a day is impossible unless you had an extremely high body weight. It’s virtually impossible to lose one pound a day unless you were trekking across the North Pole for twelve hours a day. And the supplement does not mention that you should exercise to achieve weight loss.

Even though they tout it as “The best product to lose weight in the US,” it contains only two ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia and BHBs. Diet Doctor concluded that taking BHBs had no effect at all. One of the things that Diet doctor also honed in on was the fact that people were spending so much money on BHBs. And that’s a real cause for concern when people are hooked into thinking that BHBs are helping and keeping them in ketosis. Considering some people were paying almost $400 a month for exogenous ketones, Diet doctor suggested buying a bike would be a far better option with BHBs being a complete waste of money. Garcinia Cambogia was hailed as a wonder supplement in its heyday, and earlier studies suggested that it reduced appetite by a significant amount. Who doesn’t want to stop feeling hungry when on a diet? But later studies have produced contradictory results and indicate that the supplement has absolutely no benefit whatsoever. Further research has since shown that the HCAs in Garcinia Cambogia can lead to liver toxicity. This has led to advice as not to take the supplement as it may not be safe. 

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Rarely does there come along a supplement that I would avoid at all costs as Control X Keto. Namely, the billing policy is terrifying. If you’re okay with being billed $100 monthly for this supplement, then go right ahead. But if you like to keep control over your credit card and not have it charged monthly, then give this product the widest berth you can. The wording of the trial is that once you have tried it, “you will successfully subscribe to the monthly subscription.” In other words you have somehow signed a monthly subscription which is going to take a great deal of effort to cancel. Not only that, there is no trial with this product. It states clearly that you can cancel if you send the unopened product back. So if you open the product to try it, there’s no canceling. So, you’ll be billed for a 14-day supply or perhaps a fee to cancel. You have to call up and get an RMN number. I’m not sure how easy or difficult they are going to make that process. And then armed with your RMN number, and by returning the unused product, you can ship it back. And then when they have received that they will give you a refund, so they say. This infers they will already have billed you $100 for the second bottle. All of this sounds very scary to me. 

It amazes me how products actually get away with marketing themselves as losing a pound in a day and being the best supplements in the US to lose weight. But get away with it, Control X Keto. Do not let them ‘get away’ with your credit card details, as I am convinced you will be very sorry. 

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  • A supplement for keto-eaters
  • Expensive
  • You will undoubtedly be billed almost $100 for the second bottle after the trial
  • Refund policy is very dubious
  • Misleading and wholly incorrect statements
  • Research shows that the ingredients may be ineffective and unsafe
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