Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet Review

Written by Wendy Chant, the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet book aims to teach participants how to use their body’s metabolism to work for them, instead of against them. By doing this, the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet promises dramatic weight loss results that will last, in just eight short weeks.

The Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet is broken down into four cycles, which all combine to make a macro-patterning that helps participants achieve the amazing results that are promised. The first cycle is for one week and is made up of a diet rich in almost all proteins. The second cycle is a carb-up, carb-down type of diet, which lasts for weeks two through four. The third cycle is for weeks five and six and is the accelerated fat loss diet. Last, the fourth cycle is for weeks seven and eight and teaches participants how to incorporate carbohydrates into their diets again on a more permanent basis.

No matter what cycle is being done, there are four to six mini meals that are consumed each day. Cheat days are also built into the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet so participants can stay on track easier.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet?

Like many other high protein, low carbohydrate diets, the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet will likely have participants losing weight, at least in the short-term. However, long-term success will be questionable, especially since this diet allows for carbohydrates to come back into the daily diet. Those who do have long-term weight loss success on the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet will have to stay away from carbohydrates for most of the time, which is also questionable when it comes to health and safety.

Is the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet Easy to Follow?

Because the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet is one that totally restricts carbohydrates at first, and then to a large degree throughout the program, it will not be an easy diet to follow. Cravings for carbohydrates will most likely occur on a daily basis, and though a cheat day is given, it might not be enough. If too much cheating occurs then the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet would be rendered useless and no weight loss would occur. In fact, additional weight gain would be a distinct possibility with too many “off days.”

In addition, the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet recommends a good deal of exercising. The problem is, without a lot of carbohydrates in the daily diet, many will struggle for the strength and stamina needed for more intense workouts.


The Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet book retails for around $25, but keep in mind that a lot of the food that will need to be purchased will be some of the most expensive in the store. In addition, the diet is not one that really gives much of anything new and is similar to several other popular low carbohydrate diets already on the market today. Combine that with the fact that exercise is recommended, but not necessarily safe, and the Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet is one that might not be worth investing in.


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