The All-Day Fat Burning Diet Review

The All-Day Fat Burning Diet was written by Yuri Elkaim and was released to the public in December of 2015. This book focuses on Yuri’s 5-day food cycling formula that he says helps you lose weight and keep it off for longer periods of time. It is no longer about eating healthy and exercising according to this book. The diet is against eating wheat products (which is a lot of food products) and dairy, coupled with his five-cycle meal plan and you should be in a calorie deficit by the end of the day. Strangely enough, his book was only out for two days and there was an abundance of reviews on the book rating it extremely high. Coincidence? I will let you decide. There is no way that many people could have read and applied the book in just two days time of its release.

The only way to get into contact with Yuri is through an email on the website, which doesn’t apparently get checked very often. Regarding the Better Business Bureau, this book and company have not been registered or graded by them.

wheat productsDo Dieters Lose Weight On The All-Day Fat Burning Diet?

The premise of the book falls on what foods you are consuming, and how full you let yourself get when you are dining. Yuri suggests that you stop when you are about 80% of the way full. With that being said, there were some people who have seen success in their weight loss journey after reading this book. Other folks who tried the diet said the book was confusing and the portions were said to be measured by your “own hands” which can also get confusing. There were reports of this diet not working due to lack of information, as well as talk about the history of gluten, etc.*

L. Avery* said, “First of all, the writing of this book is so convoluted and confusing. There are chapters upon chapters of worthless crap. I don't care about the history of gluten.” She then went on to say that the book needed a simple matrix of dietary guidelines, exercise requirements, and meals for a more user friendly read. Currently, the book offers none of that and you will be searching through different chapters to find the right snacks, and exercise interactions for a particular day. “Secondly, the diet doesn't work. At least it didn't for me. I have been on it for 12 days and lost exactly 4 pounds. On one day, I actually gained 2 pounds! Then it took me five days to lose them again. Book is going in the trash, on to the next plan.” 

“CONS: Some instructions lack clear examples –  I replied to the daily emails that he sent to everyone and no response = I give 0 Stars for Customer service and caring about his customers Neokanobi* also went on to say that a day after purchasing the book the author sent her an e-mail however (or an auto generated one) wanting her to review his book in exchange for other products. She felt that this e-mail was sent out too quickly, as she had not even had a chance to open the book yet. When she actually had real questions, she could not get ahold of anyone which was rather frustrating.The book also lacked clarification and the customer service was almost non existent, even when it made the reader feel like they could actually reach out.  She however liked his interesting exercises and the healthy eating concepts that the book provided.

Is The All-Day Fat Burning Diet Easy To Follow?

The IF Diet confusing bookThis program has not been said to be easy to follow, as the book is a rather tricky read to get through. There is a lot of back history on gluten (the gluten kick is still going strong), as well as vague examples of recipes and food choices based off of unclear measurements. The 5 day food cycle is nothing special as it tells the reader to fast a day and then feast a day which is really saying eat more of the good foods you are already eating after you have starved yourself. You will learn more about gluten and dairy than you bargained for, and get a lot of emails from his company about buying more products, which makes this diet a little more annoying to follow than most. Side effects will be mostly withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue.


The All-Day Fat Burning diet is a decent read with valid points (nothing new), and has helped some people in their diet journeys. It has also spammed the reader’s emails with more than they care to read about purchasing and reviewing the product. Their customer service has been said to be below par, as it is offered to the customer when you purchase the book. The cost of the book is not very expensive, since it only costs around $20.00 with shipping and handling, but the actual information and the application of the diet is what may be time consuming and unfulfilling. All in all, this diet has not impressed the many customers who have purchased it, so it may not be the best option for actual weight loss long term.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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