DecaSlim Diet Review

While there are a lot of diet supplements on the market today that promise a variety of health benefits to dieters, only DecaSlim promises to help with both weight loss and acne in an all natural way. The creator of the DecaSlim supplement says she discovered this by accident, but that by using the super foods that are in DecaSlim, it is possible to see weight loss and a reduction in acne in about a week.*

DecaSlim contains ten different super foods which include Green Tea, Blueberries by VitaBlue, Broccoli by BroccoPlus, Safflower Oil by Tonalin, Dietary Fiber by ViscoFiber, Spinach by Futureceuticals, FlaxSeed by LinumLife Extra Flax Seed, Spinach 7000ppm,Tomato by Lyc-O-Mato, Garlic “Allicin Powder,” and Resveratrol. These are supposedly the key to fighting both weight loss and acne all with one supplement.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The DecaSlim Diet?

While DecaSlim promises weight loss within the first week, the website tells a different story. According to the website’s FAQs, DecaSlim should be combined with proper diet and exercise for best results. It goes on to say that some will lose weight without adding in diet and exercise, but adding both is strongly recommended. Therefore, weight loss should only be expected if a dieter is also willing to couple DecaSlim with proper diet and exercise.

Is The DecaSlim Diet Easy To Follow?

DecaSlim is an orally ingested capsule. Simply take two per day with water and results are said to be seen in about a week.* Where some will have trouble though is with diet and exercise. Though both are highly recommend, there is no guidance whatsoever on the main website of DecaSlim. Therefore, a dieter is on their own to develop the proper diet and exercise regimen for themselves, which can prove to be a large undertaking for many.


DecaSlim sounds like a great supplement, just take two a day and your fat and zits disappear. However, with the claims comes small print. As mentioned, the product is meant to be taken with diet and exercise in order to be effective.* Basically, this means that you have to make the commitment to cleaner living which is done when you dedicate yourself to eating right and exercising daily. But, other benefits besides weight loss often arise as a result of cleaner living, with cleared up skin being one of them. This might lead you to wonder if the results you would see would be because of DecaSlim or your dedication to cleaner living.

Additionally, DecaSlim costs $40 per bottle, which lasts one month. While not the most expensive supplement on the market today, it is costly when you look at the list of ingredients. Many of those same ingredients are found in a quality multi-vitamin that will not cost you near as much.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.


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