Demograss Review

Demograss Review


Update: May 25, 2022

5.3 Out of 10
Demograss Review
Demograss Review

Demograss Overview

Demograss is a diet pill that claims it will help you lose weight naturally and safely, but is this really the case? It has been marketed to be the number one weight loss pill around, but many companies say that, which means we have to dive deeper into the actual facts about what this company and product will offer, and whether or not it is effective.  The company that produces this diet pill is based out of Mexico, and they sell Demograss pills both on the website and on for $25.00-$35.00 dollars per bottle. The different products were launched in 1998, and the headquarters are out of Consorcio Rayca. The different products they offer are below, but I will be highlighting the weight loss products and not the additional products offered.

  • Classic Demograss®
  • Demograss Plus
  • Demograss Premier
  • Lipo Demograss Slim
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Demograss Claims

The main website is all in Spanish, so you will have to translate it if you are not fluent. They claim they develop high quality products that promote overall health and nutrition for the body. On the website they say, “Demograss® is a line of naturist products launched in 1998 by Laboratorio Pronasur, its formula was perfected and works with great effectiveness to the problems of overweight and obesity, providing the necessary nutrients to the body to keep in shape.” [1] Other than claiming rather basic things, the website gives little to no details on the product. When looking at their product line, you cannot even click on the pictures to learn more about each supplement offered. There are no ingredient lists offered from the website, so I will have to look elsewhere.

The Demograss pink supplement line is offered on as well as the Demograss plus and Demograss shakes. They all are geared toward the same goal, and that is weight loss. The company says that you should take one capsule before breakfast with orange or tomato juice. You are instructed to only take one pill per day and diet or exercise does not need to be supplemented differently to see results. The company makes large claims, but gives the customer no background as to how or why these claims are being made which is unsettling. There is no word about their money back guarantee, but they do offer free shipping which is nice!

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Demograss Ingredients

  • Malteada Shake: Herbal Blend, Alfalfa, Amarantus Hypocondriacus, Wheat Bran, Wheat Oats, Lecithin, Nonfat Dry Milk, and Soy. [2]
  • Demograss Plus: Aloe Vera, Guarana, Naranjo, Lino, Alisma, Lima, White Tea, Red Tea, Nopal Penca, Sarsaparilla, and Dandelion. [3]
  • Demograss Classic (Pink): Aloe Vera, Guarana, Orange, Flax, Water Plantain, Yarrow, Pear, and Bromelian. [4]
  • Demograss Premier: Maitake, Cayenne, Turmeric, Spirulina, Bilberry, Juniper, Olive Inulin, Moringa, and Bitter Naranjo. [5]
  • Lipo Demograss Slim: Chitosan, Uva Ursi Leaf, Cidder Vinegar, Fennel Seed, Psylium Husk, Senna Leaf, Orange Peel, Stevia Leaf, Pea Protein, and Flaxseed. [6]
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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Demograss

The company does an awful job of educating the customer about their products in general. They give you a product list, but then give you no information about any of them past their name. This is not especially helpful when looking into how they even came up with the different products in the first place. As you have probably already guessed, there is no scientific information presented as to how they got their formula and why it actually works for weight loss. When looking into the actual ingredient lists for each of the products, they are drastically different and random. The protein shake had horrible reviews, and did not seem popular whatsoever.

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Regarding the information on why the diet pills should be effective, there are some ingredients to highlight that might contribute to weight loss. In the Demograss plus pills, there is aloe vera, which is linked with weight loss. Because it naturally detoxifies the body, it is a natural source of antioxidants. It keeps our bodies clean internally, which helps the body lose weight faster. [7] It also has the power to boost our gastrointestinal system, which results in a quick metabolism which then leads to weight loss. The Demograss Classic Pink pill contains aloe vera, as well as guarana. Guarana has been known to help with weight loss because it is a natural form of caffeine native to South America. Due to it being a stimulant, it has been said to contribute to weight loss along with its natural antioxidant compounds; xanthine, alkaloids, and theobromine. [8]

In the Lipo Demograss Slim formula, there is a rather controversial ingredient called Senna leaf. For those of you not familiar with Senna leaf and what it offers, please pay attention. Senna is a medicinal plant that acts as a laxative. It is very invasive and can irritate the gastrointestinal wall of the intestine rather easily. It has not been said to really help with body fat weight loss. More or less it empties your bowels, which might send the number on the scale lower than it was before taking Senna. There are known side effects when taking Senna leaf, so it is best to proceed with caution. [9]

With the Demograss Premier pills, there is an ingredient called Moringa present which has been briefly touched on in regards to helping one lose weight. It is not a cure all for that matter, but it has been studied concerning weight loss. Because it is a natural diuretic similar to Senna, there will be water weight loss. It is also said to help fight inflammatory in the body, and it has a high fiber content making you feel fuller upon consumption. It has been said to reduce fat absorption in the gut, which essentially results in weight loss. This ingredient has not been heavily studied, so the proof is not solid. [10]

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Word On The Street About Demograss

There was not too much chatter about Demograss as a whole, especially for it supposedly being the number one diet pill. The customers that did review it really had interesting comments about each of the products. As mentioned before, the shakes are almost non-existent in regards to customer interest, and they scored poorly. This is probably why they are not even featured on the main website anymore. While some say the products straight up do not work, others liked them and experienced little to no side effects other than gastrointestinal distress, which is more than likely caused by some of the laxative ingredients found in the products.

Las Cruces Gal said, “I saw result for the 2nd month and have been using for over 6 months now and haven’t seen any further results, I won’t buy it again.” She was referring to the Demograss Classic pink pills. Another user said the box came damaged and the pills were not sealed, which led them to believe it was a sketchy business. [11]

Mitzi Jones said, “Curbs your appetite but not to a point that you don’t want to eat but definitely where you don’t want to eat as much! Downside is the diarrhea associated with it.” [12] This review was regarding the Demograss Plus capsules.

The actual website promoting their brand does not even offer a point of sale for the products. They kick you over to their Facebook page, which was not even working. As of right now, there are outside websites to try and find them, but they are not easy to locate. The company does not make an effort to market their diet pills, which makes them ineffective overall in my opinion. sells the product, but as you will see, they are not very popular in the grand scheme of things.

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The Bottom Line: Is Demograss Worth A Try?

Risky.I would not fall for their weight loss lies. All of the products will be a risk to try out, as it is not an American company, nothing is in English, and there is no education about the products readily available to look at. This is not a product I would invest in, even though all of the pills and shakes range from $15.00-$30.00, which is not expensive. Thank goodness they do not cost an arm and a leg, otherwise I really would not recommend them! They claim they are all natural, which is nice, but it really has to go deeper than that. The reviews were split, and the ingredients are not proven to really help with long term weight loss, which makes them a waste of time if you are looking for something to work long term that is not a laxative. They are not transparent with the ingredient list either, which makes me skeptical of the integrity of the company overall.

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