Dexatrim Diet Review

Dexatrim is a dietary supplement that has been around for many years now and is available in pill form. The idea behind the pill is to help users suppress their appetites and thereby eat fewer calories throughout the day. The end result of this will of course be weight loss.* Dexatrim started out as one solitary product, but has since grown to include a line that features four separate supplements. Based on an increase in user’s needs, Dexatrim developed two all-natural pill supplements and has the more classic supplement along with a daytime hunger control and appetite suppressant supplement.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Dexatrim Diet?

While the Dexatrim name has been around for years, some of the newer supplements in the Dexatrim line have not. That said, there are some online testimonials that do lend support to Dexatrim as far as it aiding with weight loss. But, there are also those who say they realized more weight loss with just diet and exercise.

Dexatrim is actually meant to be taken in conjunction with proper diet and exercise to be more of a booster. But, since a dieter will likely already be losing weight just by eating right and exercising, the effectiveness of Dexatrim is somewhat subject to opinion.

Is The Dexatrim Diet Easy To Follow?

Dexatrim is made easy to use. Simply take the desired pill with water as directed. The dosage and frequency of the dosage will vary according to each specific supplement that is taken. The hardest part that will come with using Dexatrim is trying to figure out the best plan of action as far as diet and exercise goes. Dexatrim lends little help in this area, with the exception of some tips on their website, thereby leaving some to figure it out on their own.


Dexatrim is certainly a mainstay in the world of dietary supplements. However, that doesn’t mean that it is the best thing to take when trying to lose weight. Though it is all-natural in some forms, other forms of the popular supplement contain caffeine. While caffeine is often used in dietary supplements, it is still an irritant for many individuals, especially those with a sensitive stomach.
At around $20 and up for the supplements, Dexatrim is not the most expensive for sale today. However, since best results come when the supplements are tied in with proper diet and exercise, why spend even that much when weight loss will likely come without the product?

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.