DHERBS Full Body Cleanse Diet Review

DHERBS Full Body Cleanse Diet Review
5 out of 10

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DHERBS Full Body Cleanse Consumer Experience Survey
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DHerbs has been on the market since 2008, and their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.  They offer a variety of products, but their most popular is a twenty-day detox. It aims to cleanse your colon, liver, spleen, lungs and lymphatic systems, while the cleanse itself is twenty-days they recommend you eat a raw food diet only while on the program.* After the cleanse is complete, they recommend you continuously take their products long term for maintenance. The supplements are extremely expensive starting at $120.00 for the Full Body Cleanse, and they get steeper from there.

When calling into the support line, I was routed to many different menu options. After about 3 minutes on the phone I was routed to a representative to answer a few of my questions. I inquired about the refund policy because on the website it seemed nonexistent. Sure enough, if you open the bottles they are unable to be returned making their money back guarantee almost nonexistent.* On top of the price and the no refund policy, there have been multiple reviews from customers getting violently sick while using this product which already has us worried.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With DHerbs?

There have been complete mixed reviews on this product. Many people see weight loss if they can get through the entire program. Multiple reviews have stated that the cleanse has made them violently ill, which also causes weight loss in unappealing ways. The raw food diet consisting of juices and nuts may also contribute to the weight loss factor, but you are starving your system of enough protein. The amount of pills required to consume throughout the twenty day cleanse makes the program hard to stomach at times (literally). The testimonials on the DHerbs product website are nothing but positive, so it has worked for some people apparently. See some customer reviews from some outside sites:

“I’ve had nothing but fruits and vegetables the entire time i’ve been taking this, and I have not had any change in weight loss at all. I am disappointed because I was expecting better results..I am bored out my mind with fruits and vegetables but determined to complete the bottle. Must admit I have not exercised, I have a torn rotator cuff so I am unable to work out.” Cynthia Calhoun*

“Nothing good to say about this product.” Ruby McGowan*

“The details related to the additional cost for the recommended foods, drinks, bathing experience should be advertised up front. This cleanse is very costly and that should be advertised up front, not hidden in the information included in the package with how to use the product. With that said, if you have the additional funds to invest in the healthy eating, cleansing period the product is beneficial.” Cher* 

When looking into the scientific research behind the product, I could not find any clinical studies done to show that the products are effective for weight loss. They also did not provide any links or articles directly on the website regarding this important information.* There is a definite lacking of scientific backing on this product, which worries me when reviewing a detox program aimed at weight loss. I did accidentally stumble upon a citation that was issued to DHerbs by the FDA back in 2008 regarding misleading information and claims on their website.* To check this page out see: https://www.fda.gov. The testimonials on the DHerbs website are nothing but positive, so it has worked for some people apparently.

To see the reviews click here.

Is DHerbs Easy To Follow?

No, not really. With the twenty-day detox plan, you have to lug around six bottles of supplements, which does not seem convenient for busy lifestyles. Due to the lack of protein the cleanse offers, many people have reported signs of zero energy, exhaustion, and nutrient depletion. On more than one account there have been reported side effects of violent diarrhea and vomiting from taking the supplements. Because of these repeated side effect from multiple customers, call into the support line before taking any of the products for guidance on how many pills to take. Because of the extreme side effects this product brings on, I would not likely recommend it for a long-term solution to health and wellness.

They are also promoting the consumption of purely raw products, which can lead one’s stomach to despair if they are not used to this lifestyle.* It would not be as bad if this was just a short term trial and error product, but they recommend you continue to use their supplements as long as you can. Scary.


DHerbs social media followings were more prominent on Twitter than Facebook. The number of followers almost tripled on Twitter, yet somehow the activity on both pages was extremely low. Instagram activity was low as well, and the average of likes per daily post was a mere 20 likers. The cleanses can be sold on Amazon, and on their website for roughly the same cost. I would caution you, and advise you before your purchase to take a look at the reviews. After taking a look at the “Dherbs Cleanse” I would not recommend the financial investment to anyone looking to lose weight. The money back guarantee is nonexistent which does not make the risk worth it. The scary reviews from customers getting violently ill would be enough for me to question this product, before doing any outside research of my own. Save your $120.00 and spare yourself the risk of getting sick in the process.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • Courtney Drassarb

    Dherbs was recommended to me by my doctor. After almost 20 years of treatment from a neurologist and feeling like a medical experiment my health continues to decline. I’ve stopped medications and my doctor suggested Dherbs because it is a DETOX. A detox is not to lose weight it is to detox your system and pull toxins from the different systems in your body. The other thing people seem to be leaving out is that you need to keep up with water consumption and EXERCISE as well as sleep. I think with anything of this nature you need to follow all instructions instead of just what you want to and that makes all the difference.

  • Marina Vasquez

    This is my 8th day on dherbs. I have been following this cleanse as directed. I feel fatigue, leg cramps, and rapid heart palpitations due to dehydration caused by the charcoal. I woke up just now with shortness of breath due to my blood pressure dropping. I would not recommend to follow the food intake after being on this so called cleanse, I have come to think that
    We do not need to take these pills or charcoal and still lose weight without the side effects. If we just eat raw foods. The charcoal cleans out your intestines, does not allow any nutrients to stay in your body did defeats the purpose of taking the cleansing pills. Im still researching this product. To be continued…

  • RaymondG44

    Dherbs cleanse works! Shame on you for discrediting them and promoting your own product!

    • consumerscompare

      Dear Ray, thank you for your comment and sharing your opinion. You are very welcome to share your experience with us or provide specific details that are inaccurate in the DHERBS review posted.

  • whatabunchofit

    I’m tired of hearing about diets from (of all places) Hollywood. Everything is wrong that most people do. Can’t eat meat, eggs, butter, sugar, bread. Have to have white teath, big boobs, big ass, no socks, no pantyhose, no underwear. I’m going on the European diet, l’m going to eat what l want and quit letting you worry about it.

  • Roxy

    RG Health you sound like you are Dherbs distributor or affiliate. I have tried it and it I sent it back. was supposed to take 20 pills a day for 20 days and no cooked food was allowed. Definitely not for me. The questionable tactic of them not telling you that before you purchase made me want to punch them in the face. There are many other cleanses out there that are less expensive and won’t push 20 pills a day on you and you will still be allowed to eat cooked meals. Questionable product at best.

  • RG Health

    This post is a scam from a competitor! How dare they try to tarnish the DHerbs name?? They are advertising this page due to a hidden agenda… hmmm I wonder what it is?? I am a true Dherbs customer and have been using the product for years. Do your research and you will see why so many prominent people love and trust DHERBS

    • RG Health

      and stop deleting my comment!!

  • RG Health

    Wow this is a shady hit job on the success of DHERBS. I have used the full body DHERBS cleanse and it works the best out of all others. Why someone would advertise this page to knock DHERBS down shows that the competition is envious of its success

  • kathy ferguson-Moxam

    I have used the D herbs cleanse and it make me feel like a clean and complete person. I have recommend it to several of my co-workers and friends

  • Ad

    The Dherbs Full Body Cleanse is amazing!!!!!

  • i tried DHerbs full body cleanse for 20 days and I felt terrific. channged my life althought I only lost 7 pounds I would highly recommend it. I only excerise twice and didn’t even break a sweat and also slept like a baby. I felt so good that I ordered the weight release cleanse and can’t wait to start. this time I will break a sweat and I’m sure I will yield better results.

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