Diet Free for Life Diet Review

Diet Free for Life Diet Review
5 out of 10
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The Diet Free Life program was developed by former Marine Robert Ferguson, and was designed to show dieters how to first lose weight and then live a life where they can eat the foods they like and still maintain the weight loss. The idea behind this is what Ferguson calls “Uncloaking the Carb Threshold.” This means that dieters learn how many carbohydrates they can take in and they build to it over time.

The Diet Free Life program is broken up into three steps. Step one is a three-week jump start that gets the metabolism in line and the dieter ready for the next step. Step two is Carb Stepping, where the dieter learns to slowly reach their Carb Threshold. Step three is meant to show dieters how to live their lives without diets by combining the proper meals and snacks. The total program runs eight weeks.


Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Diet Free Life by Robert Ferguson Diet?

Dieters following the Diet Free Life program will likely lose some weight; however, the weight that might be lost will probably not be the huge amounts of weight that can be seen on the Diet Free Life website in the form of testimonials.* In fact, at the bottom of the website, in small print, it is stated that those results are not typical and the average weight loss with the Diet Free Life program is somewhat realistic.

Is The Diet Free Life by Robert Ferguson Diet Easy To Follow?

The complete Diet Free Life program comes with instructional DVDs, a cookbook, and other guides. However, what isn’t talked about much is exercise. As with any nutrition or diet program, the results will only be amplified with proper exercise. Dieters will be pretty much on their own in the exercise department, which might prove to be too much for some.*


The Diet Free Life program approach is certainly unique. The complete system is not too expensive at around $120, plus shipping. However, it is troubling that the program covers diet in depth, but only touches on exercise.

Even more concerning though are the misleading pictures on the official Diet Free Life website. While the cases seen are actual cases done with the Diet Free Life program, it is quite likely that many of those individuals also exercised in an extreme manner on a daily basis. As for what can be expected for weight loss per week for eight weeks, that is not all that hard to achieve if you simply eat better and do just a moderate amount of working out, which you can do on your own without spending all that money.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

So What Really Works?*

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*Individual results will vary.

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