dotFIT Diet Review

dotFIT Diet Review


Update: May 12, 2022

dotFIT is an online program that takes various aspects of weight loss into consideration in order to make a custom-tailored plan for each individual. Founded by Neal Spruce, dotFIT includes a plan of action for diet, exercise, and even has a full line of supplements. All current information that a participant has before starting the dotFIT program is taken into consideration. Once a diet plan is established, a food log is used to record what is eaten. Supplements and exercise routines are then recommended, and when put all together, the end result should be a leaner and much more fit individual.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The dotFIT Diet?

dotFIT is a custom diet and exercise program, so the likelihood of losing weight while on dotFIT is very good. However, the amount of weight a dieter will lose will largely depend on their determination. If a dieter follows their custom made plan to the letter, then a good amount of weight loss will likely be achieved.*

However, it should be noted that an extended amount of weight loss will likely only come with continued use of the dotFIT system. Should a dieter stop using dotFIT and then go back to even remotely bad habits, a lot of the weight loss success could be lost.*

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Is The dotFIT Diet Easy To Follow?

Because dotFIT spells everything out A to Z, it is easy to follow direction wise.* However, the diet that most will find themselves on will be one that is drastically lower in calories, not to mention void of a lot of food favorites, than what they might be used to. This will mean cravings and temptations to cheat. The same will hold true for exercise. The temptation will be there to simply skip a routine or two, especially if the participant is used to little to no activity.

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But, if everything is not followed exactly as it is laid out, then the potential for weight loss will be greatly diminished. So, those with a weak resolve might have a hard time with the dotFIT program.

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The dotFIT program is one that can work, but it is also one that will come with a hefty price tag. At $39.95 for registration and then $9.95 per month, it means having recurring costs. There is also an option for $299.95 for a one year membership, which includes a device that tracks your calories and activity, known as the Exerspy Armband.

Either way, immense costs are involved. Combine that with the fact that a participant will have to be extremely disciplined and a self-motivator of sorts, and it adds up to a regimen that might be too extreme, and expensive, for many individuals.

  1. I really want a place to do a full review of this product because I am doing the 90-day weight loss box of the 3 phases. Currently on the liver support and wanted to chart my progress. 3 weeks in (so 21 days worth). I am down 4 pounds and haven’t really changed my diet much. Trying to be good and I already go to the gym/walk regularly, so there is some progress. The side effects are interesting and somewhat unexpected. For example; the most rancid farts at times of the day I don’t usually fart or eat even. (Early am and midday for some reason) Also I poop more and when I do I HAVE to go. Not an option of you will have to go when you are ready lol. I wanted to post my honest review, but am not sure where as dot fit doesn’t have reviews on their site (sketchy).

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    Christine Harbacheck March 6, 2020 at 3:11 pm

    They are ABOUT the ?. Period. To not get compared to other products out there is suspicious. And make it out to be they elite, above all others so then let the comparison begin. Back it up. Don’t even see comparison video reviews much. And $20-$100 for their stuff. They to scared to show their prices. Not an isolated protein. Better and way cheaper with more product to them are out there. But we know FOOD comes first. You can’t get info product from them. Gyms push it but it’s for the ?.Their not in the stores. Iso pure, Muscle Tech, are better. There’s other’s. Do the Homework. What overpriced dot fit brand has there’s better OTHERS. Please gym people’s DON’T fall for the game talking and buy their stuff.

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