Drop 10 Pounds Diet Review

SELF Magazine is one of the most well-known publications worldwide and now the editor in chief of the magazine, Lucy Danzinger, has created the Drop 10 Pounds Diet. Though the title might suggest it is a way to drop 10 pounds fast, it is actually a diet plan that is designed to allow participants to lose 10 pounds or more with a careful balance of calorie restriction, exercise, and the incorporation of superfoods into a daily diet.

The plan calls for participants to reduce their calories to 1,400 per day and also allows for a bit of self indulgence as well. With each day an allowance of 200 “happy calories” can be used by a participant to enjoy their favorite foods, which Danzinger claims will help to curb cravings and keep participants on track.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Drop 10 Pounds Diet?

Dieters on the Drop 10 Pounds Diet should see weight loss results if they stick to the plan. Because the diet cuts down caloric intake to a large degree, there should be at least some weight loss that occurs over the long-term.

Of course, weight loss will be vastly improved if participants do the recommended exercise. The Drop 10 Pounds Diet calls for two types of exercising, which are fat targeting cardio workouts and body toning strength workouts.

Is the Drop 10 Pounds Diet Easy to Follow?

If you have a lot of willpower then the Drop 10 Pounds Diet will be easy for you to follow. However, those without a strong resolve will likely have problems with the restriction in calories and the certain food groups that get cut out altogether.

In addition, the workouts are extremely demanding. While they would prove extremely beneficial, they might be too hard for those who are just starting out and have never really worked out before to any serious extent. For those who are already in decent physical shape, the exercises will prove a lot easier and likely more effective.


The Drop 10 Pounds Diet book costs $26 and for that you get information on restricting calories, eating superfoods, and working out. While the program might work to help you lose some weight, those seeking a significant and quick amount of weight loss would likely be better served using a different program.

If anything, the Drop 10 Pounds Diet would make for a good supplement to another diet program and could be useful for maintenance. However, as a solution to losing a significant amount of weight, the Drop 10 Pounds Diet is not a good standalone product.


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