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Duromine Review

Duromine Review
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Duromine is a brand of appetite suppressant which contains Phentermine. Other brand names associated with Duromine are Adipex-P and Suprenza, but there are a variety of diet pills out there similar to Duromine. Phendimetrazine, Benzphetamine, and Methylphenidate are a few of their names.

Duromine is produced by the pharmaceutical company iNova Pharmaceuticals (formerly 3M Pharmaceuticals), and is widely available throughout Australia and New Zealand. [1] [2] It is not FDA-approved as a brand, so it is not sold in the United States, though there are generic versions sold in the US as phentermine HCl (most recognized is Adipex-P).

In 2011, iNova Pharmaceuticals became a part of a global pharmaceutical company called Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. Due to the incorporation of these two companies, the market for medications is expanded, including Duromine weight loss drug. Today, iNova Pharmaceuticals sells Duromine diet pills not only in Australia and New Zealand, but also in Asia and Pacific region, South Africa, North and South America and in other international markets. [3]

The pill comes in three different dosage amounts, all different colors for easy identification. 15 mg pills come in grey/green capsules, 30 mg in grey/maroon capsules, and 40 mg in grey/orange capsules. It is a slow-release capsule taken once in the morning before breakfast, so you will feel the effects of the pill almost all day long.

Duromine and its generic cousins must be prescribed to you by a doctor, and it’s not just for the asking. In order to qualify to take it you have to have a BMI over 27 and have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Children under 18 and elderly people are not advised to take Duromine.

Cost for Duromine in equivalent US Dollars is about $90 for thirty 15mg capsules, $100 for thirty 30mg capsules, and $120 for thirty 40mg capsules. [3] It is not a social-support diet; your primary support is going to come from your doctor as he or she carefully monitors your progress.

Duromine Claims

Because Duromine isn’t sold in the US, all their claims come from an Australian website. We’ll look into the science of phentermine products in general in a moment, but right now we’ll check out the marketing of Duromine specifically.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet Review

Duromine is the only anorectic drug… For over 20 years, Duromine has been prescribed to teens and adults for a short-term anti-obesity therapy. … Each Duromine capsule contains 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active substance Phentermine…to suppress the appetite. Because Duromine reduces hunger, obese patients can exclude the high-calorie food from the diet. … Because of enhanced thermogenesis, Duromine stimulates destruction of fat tissue even in slight physical activity.

To achieve maximum result, obese people, who take Duromine, should increase their physical activity. If obesity is complicated with cardiovascular disease, physical activity should be moderate.

Duromine suppresses appetite and reduces craving for food, thereby reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates. …provides metabolic effects, thereby correcting energy imbalances and playing an important role in fat burning processes in the body.

If ordinary ways of weight loss do not work, Duromine will help to start and guaranteed to win the battle with obesity in a few weeks or months. The winning combination of appetite control and increase of thermogenesis will help you quickly to wipe out stored body fat and to achieve incredible weight loss results you previously only dreamed of. [4]

The site does list clinical results from two differing studies, and freely admits there are some nasty side effects.

Based on the result of clinical studies, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) made a conclusion that benefits of Duromine use exceed the potential risk for patient’s health. Despite the fact that Duromine can cause severe side effects, this drug is the bestselling weight loss product in Australia.

However, the conclusions of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) differ from TGA conclusions. Having studied the results of post-marketing trials, the EMA published some information that Duromine can cause irreversible cardiovascular pathologies. Thus, in early 2000’s the sale of Duromine in Europe (including UK) was canceled. [4]

Duromine Ingredients

Phentermine, lactose, liquid paraffin, magnesium stearate, gelatin, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide black (CI 77499) [5]

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Duromine [6] [7]

As an anorectic (appetite suppressor), phentermine taps into the central nervous system of the body to tell the brain you are not hungry. And the calories you do eat can have a minimal effect because phentermine also reduces the absorption of fat and starch—they’re simply not metabolized, or at least a lot less of them are. Used alongside a diet and exercise program, phentermine does work, and works well enough that even the Mayo Clinic recommends it. BUT…

Viatropin Review

That same Mayo Clinic stresses very much that it is only for very obese people who haven’t gotten results with diet and exercise alone.

Similar in chemical makeup to amphetamines, phentermine is considered a Schedule IV drug/controlled substance both in the US and internationally. In the US, this means the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—responsible together for classifying controlled substances on those Schedules—consider it to have a potential for abuse, although with phentermine the potential seems to be low. [7]

There are side effects. Some of the milder and more common are:

  • shortness of breath
  • feeling restless
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • sleeplessness
  • skin rashes
  • swelling of the lower limbs
  • stomach cramps
  • vomiting
  • constipation

More serious side effects can include raised blood pressure and long-term cardiovascular damage including leakage in heart valves. Phentermine products have actually been banned in the UK and in Europe for this reason, but the US FDA approved phentermine in 2012. Still, it is prescription-only and should only be used under a doctor’s supervision in tandem with diet and exercise.

Phentermine products aren’t recommended for people with heart disease or high blood pressure (hypertension), overactive thyroid, glaucoma, or for women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or may become pregnant.

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Word on the Street About Duromine

Reviews from ProductReview.com.au (all 2016-2017, average 3.5 stars of 5, 26 reviews):

“idk”, no location given: 4-star, It works wonders…. BUT. “Initially when i started taking duromine the side effects were so bad, I began taking it every few days or one week on one week off. I was also on the highest dose too. I was having heart palpitations every 3 to 4 days. I constantly had a dry mouth despite drinking over a litre of water a day, and let’s just say I didn’t know what sleep was. …However, last week almost 2 weeks early my period started and not thinking it was linked to D I have stayed on it until i did some research. I have had a consistant flow for approximately a week with no hints its about to slow down. And reading online reviews alot of woman have had this or similair issue.
I have managed to date to drop over 10kgs. But… a consistant flow of bleeding. Mood swings. Being uncomfortable, tired, not being able to sleep, headaches due to all the above. I dont think its worth it …” (sic) [8]

Amsa Fast Diet Review

“Barlow,” Sasolburg: 2-star, Not worth risking your health “I would go online and read the bad reviews about duromine….and thought well I’m quiet young (28) and healthy…none of that should happen to me right? It took me two packs of duromine to go through… To end up with Mitral Valve Prolapse! Funny how now I’m forced to eat healthy anyway because of the condition…. If only i just did that in the first place.” (sic) [8]

“Steve,” Quakers Hill: 5-star, Good option “Good steady weight loss. Approx 1-1.5 kgs per week on healthy eating plan. Take tablets early and drinks lots of water. I’ve had no negative reactions to these tablets. Cost approx $126 per month X 3 months. 30mgs” [8]

So both ends of the spectrum. Not all dietary supplements affect all people the same way. Body chemistry, age, gender, and pre-existing conditions can make a huge difference, which is why Duromine and other phentermine products have such stringent warnings. Follow your doctor’s advice: if they want to start you on the 15mg pills, don’t beg for the 40mg. They’re cautious for a reason, and that reason could be your life.

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The Bottom Line: Is Duromine Worth A Try?

Depends. The science is backed up, but this weight loss pill is not for everyone. Phentermine products like Duromine are prescription-only and specifically designed for people who need to lose a large amount of weight (50+ pounds) in a relatively short period of time, whether for pre-surgery or other life-threatening health issues, and aren’t having much luck with diet and exercise alone. It is not for a quick 20-pound drop before swimsuit season, and it comes with a plethora of instructions and warnings.

Duromine pills are not approved by the FDA and have never been sold in the USA. But dozens of generic cousins are sold in the USA as phentermine HCl. You can find out from your doctor or a pharmacist how to get a prescription for phentermine HCl in the USA. [2]

So while yes, Duromine and it’s cousins may be available online, you’re much better off to go the prescription route and make sure you stay safe while you slim down.

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