Eat It To Beat It Diet Review

Eat It To Beat It Diet Review


Updated on Aug 12, 2019

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The Eat it to Beat it Diet was written by New York Times Best Selling Author David Zinczenko, who claims in his book that it is possible for dieters to eat the foods they love and still be healthy and lose weight.* With the Eat it to Beat it Diet, nothing is off limits; dieters simply learn to be more selective about the foods they eat to ensure they are eating the best available alternative of a food.

The Eat it to Beat it Diet book contains over 1,000 healthy alternatives to food favorites, such as pizza, burgers, and chocolate. Additionally, the book even covers the best ways to go about eating when a dieter finds themselves at a fast food restaurant.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Eat It To Beat It Diet?

Dieters undertaking the Eat it to Beat it Diet will lose weight if they follow the advice of the diet precisely. However, this weight loss will only come as a result of calorie reduction, due to the many likely unhealthy foods in the diet of a dieter.

However, even though the Eat it to Beat it Diet teaches a healthier alternative to eating foods that are not always so healthy, it lacks proper nutritional guidance. Therefore, weight loss that is significant and lasting may be hard to come by with the Eat it to Beat it Diet.*

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Is The Eat It To Beat It Diet Easy To Follow?

The Eat it to Beat it Diet book is laid out such that it is easy to use. Simply find the junk and fast foods that might be consumed, and then see what is recommended to replace that food. This can be a handy reference for those who often eat out at fast food restaurants.

However, the Eat it to Beat it Diet is not a structured weight loss program. It has no guidance when it comes to exercise and touches very little on proper nutrition. So, to those who are just breaking into the world of diet and exercise, the Eat it to Beat it Diet will likely add to their confusion, instead of help them find lasting weight loss solutions.

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The Eat it to Beat it Diet can help you cut calories, but only if you are used to eating out at fast food restaurants all the time. If that is all you are after, then spending $22 on the book might be worth it to you. However, if you are looking for a nutrition plan that is a bit more structured and offers more guidance, then the Eat it to Beat it Diet is not going to be for you. While an alternative junk food might taste good, you are far better off learning the proper foods to eat all of the time so you don’t have to try and choose the lesser of two evils, which is something the Eat it to Beat it Diet will not show you how to do.

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