Eat Move Sleep Diet Review

Eat Move Sleep Diet Review


Updated on Aug 08, 2019

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The Eat Move Sleep Diet was created by Tom Rath, a cancer survivor who has been battling the disease for the past 20 plus years. Rath has made it his life’s mission to find ways in which he can improve his life every day. Subsequently, he decided to share the knowledge he amassed over the years so that others could learn to live better and prolong their lives as well.

The Eat Move Sleep Diet focuses on making better choices, which all starts with the way a dieter eats. By eating the right kind of foods, it is easier to move and exercise. When a dieter moves and exercises, they get better sleep. When they get better sleep, they are better able to avoid cravings for bad foods.* So, it is a continuous cycle.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Eat Move Sleep Diet?

Dieters following the Eat Move Sleep Diet guidance will likely lose some weight at first.* The book teaches dieters how to make better and more informed life decisions, and changing lifestyle habits from bad to good, especially with eating, will mean a reduction in calories and therefore some weight loss.

However, dieters will need to then step up their efforts to continue to lose weight. Exercise is recommended and will eventually be a must for dieters. Dieters will also need to monitor their eating habits, activity levels, and sleeping habits to see what needs to be adjusted in order to continue losing weight.

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Is The Eat Move Sleep Diet Easy To Follow?

The Eat Move Sleep Diet book is laid out more like a tip book. There are many helpful hints and tricks on how to make better life choices, which if applied, will lead to better overall health and possibly some weight loss. However, the Eat Move Sleep Diet is not an all-inclusive nutrition and fitness plan, and would really be geared more towards those who already have a handle on what diet and exercise is all about. Dieters who are new to weight loss will likely struggle with the Eat Move Sleep Diet, as it simply lacks any real structure.*

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The Eat Move Sleep Diet book is not very expensive at only $14.97, but it is not an actual nutrition and fitness program. The book would serve very well as a complement or companion guide to another more well-rounded program, but as a standalone, it just doesn’t have what it takes to be ultra-effective with weight loss for the average dieter.*

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