Eat This Not That Diet Review

The Eat This Not That Diet is a guide on what should and shouldn’t be eaten. The book was written by the editors of the popular men’s magazine Men’s Health. The premise behind the book is simply to teach others what food is better to eat. It compares other food due to the variety of choices in the world today. It does not promise healthier food choices to the reader, so be aware of that upfront. A lot of the book is spent ostracizing the food industry, and giving you insight into fast food ingredients.

The idea is really quite simple; chicken you make at home is going to be better for you to eat versus fast food you buy and bring home. The writers of the Eat This Not That Diet therefore focus 100% on calories. They say the number one reason for weight gain is consuming excessive calories on a daily basis. So, the theory is by eating better you will naturally cut your calories and therefore lose weight.

The Eat This Not That Diet book is laid out in full color with one side being the “Eat This” category and the other being the “Not That” category. Along with the pictures and brief descriptions of the food, calories are also given. This is meant to help make dieters more aware about the calories they might be consuming.

Eat This Not That Diet homemade chickenDo Dieters Lose Weight On The Eat This Not That Diet?

If a dieter takes to heart what the book teaches then they should be able to lose weight. However, it should be noted that any weight loss that does occur will only come with drastic changes to your diet. With no official diet guide to follow you are on your own to decide what to eat which makes cheating really easy and usually really frequent.

Marilyn* said, “I ordered all of these books but there's something I don't like about them. The author only looks at the bottom line – calories. In one of these books he recommended a donut over a bagel with cream cheese.” Her point was that even though the food with a lesser calorie is not healthy for you, it still is not a good food choice for your overall health.

Time Traveller* whistled the same tune and said, “Good worthwhile information, but we don't eat many of the foods listed for substitution. This is to be expected to a certain extent since it would be impossible to cover everyone's food habits.” 

The overall message that many of the reading customer are saying, is that the information is clearly aimed at eating out. There are not really any tips on how to eat healthier at home. Many of the food options are not good for you in general.  The authors of the book, and creators of the diet spend a lot of time talking about the food industry, and the ingredients they use in their fast food products.

Is The Eat This Not That Diet Easy To Follow?

Eat This Not That Diet bookThe Eat This Not That Diet is a wonderful guide as far as showing you color pictures of foods to eat. Yet it gives zero guidance to food preparation and meal planning. There is no diet plan to follow or exercise regimen to be. Only those who can read what is in the book and then have the discipline to apply the lessons themselves in their daily routines will succeed on this diet. There is not a lot of information about becoming a healthier person in general, by the food choices you eat. Are you are looking for a diet book to help you with healthy swaps? This is not going to be the book for you.


The Eat This Not That Diet is not too much of an investment at around $19.95 for the book. You are only basically getting suggestions. Even though the information contained in the Eat This Not That Diet book is accurate, do you really need to spend the money on the book to know what foods are good for you and what foods aren’t? Even if you aren’t quite sure, a quick online search will yield you the results you are after for free. Many of the customers were disappointed in the information that was presented to them with this book.

Eat This Not That Diet internet search*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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