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Engine 2 Diet Review

Engine 2 Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Engine 2 Diet was developed by Rip Esselstyn, who used to be a professional athlete and later in life became a firefighter. Esselstyn created the Engine 2 Diet, as he contended that the meat-hungry diets of firefighters were endangering their lives, as many of them had high cholesterol.

The Engine 2 Diet consists of a 28-day diet plan that consists of all plant-based foods. In addition, there is a strict limit on sugar, sodium, and fats. However, the Engine 2 Diet is supposed to be better than any vegan-type diet, as there are burgers, pizza, brownies, and more that are permitted. The recipes are all included in the Engine 2 Diet book, as are suggestions for fitness, which is recommended every day. Weight loss is said to be significant, and there is even an option to gradually get off the meats and refined foods.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Engine 2 Diet?

Dieters on the Engine 2 Diet will likely lose at least some weight, but there will be a few variables. If dieters take on the Engine 2 Diet full bore, then their caloric intake will be greatly reduced, making some initial weight loss almost a given.* However, should a dieter choose the plan that is more gradual, then weight loss might be very insignificant.

In addition, more weight loss would come to dieters who actually exercise the recommended seven days per week. Those working out less, or not at all, again reduce their chances of weight loss success.*

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Is The Engine 2 Diet Easy To Follow?

The Engine 2 Diet is not going to be an easy diet to follow, if a dieter is used to animal-based foods in their diet. Even though the Engine 2 Diet promises burgers, it is still talking about plant-based burgers, such as portabella mushroom burgers, which will not satisfy in the same manner as a beef burger would. Also, the fact that the Engine 2 Diet calls for working out every day might be too much for some dieters.

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The Engine 2 Diet book runs $24.99, but the costs with the diet plan will not stop there. Because the foods that are eaten while on the diet are all plant based, that means many specialty foods, which also means an increase in your food budget. Add to that the fact that much of that specialty food will be hard to locate, meaning you’ll need to plan on spending more time running from specialty food store to specialty food store.*

Perhaps the biggest concern though is safety. The human body was designed by nature to run on both plant- and animal-based foods. Cutting out all animal-based foods might create some weight loss, but it is weight loss that might come at the cost of the overall well-being of your body. It is far better to be on a well-rounded balanced diet program that has you eating all the right foods, not just some of them.

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*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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